June 18, 2021


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For the first time in the country, a double valve of the heart was replaced by a hole

The doctors of the country are inventing new medical methods and saying that they are not lagging behind in any part of the developed world. A couple of years ago, without cutting the bone, the heart surgery caused a surprise. Associate Professor of the National Heart Institute. A group of young doctors led by Ashraful Haque Siam. This time Dr. Under the leadership of SIAM, for the first time in the country, the double valve of the heart was replaced by MICS method by making a 2-3 inch hole.

Last Tuesday (May 25), a 30-year-old woman named Hasina Begum was found dead in the body of Associate Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the National Heart Institute. This successful surgery was performed under Ashraful Haque Siam.

About 8-10 doctors participated in this operation and it was successfully completed in 4-5 hours. This double valve operation is a very complex operation of the heart and in this MICS method, valve replacement with a hole of only 2-3 inches is very rare all over the world.

Dr. Siam said the operation is performed in such a modern way in only a few hospitals around the world. Today we too have been able to step into that milestone and make the name of the country brighter. Now not abroad, foreigners will come to our country for heart treatment InshaAllah.

Medical science is advancing all over the world. Following this, on August 25, 2019, we officially started the process through the first heart leak operation using MICS method. Today, under the constant supervision and cooperation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, for the first time in the country, we have been able to perform complex operations like double valves with only 2-3 inch leakage in MICS system. So I would like to express my gratitude to him and pray for the people of the country so that we can start heart transplants in this country in the future. He thanked all concerned for their overall cooperation in this operation.

Professor Faruk Ahmed, President of the Society of Cardiac Surgeons of Bangladesh, said that Dr. for the first operation in Bangladesh. Congratulations to Siam.

Mir Jamaluddin, director of the National Heart Institute, said, “It is a matter of great pride for us that we have been able to start this type of cosmetic surgery at the National Heart Institute.” The advantage of this operation is that the patient has less bleeding, less pain and can go home faster.

Among the other members of his operation were Prof. Dr. Shahnaz as an anesthetist, Assistant Professor Dr. Salam, Assistant Professor. Romena Rahman, Dr. Asif Ahsan Chowdhury, Dr. Imran, Dr. Granted, Dr. Wahida, Dr. Rubaiyat and Dr. Saurabh.