June 20, 2021


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The new horizon of creativity is the book of peacekeepers of Bangladesh

In the Congo mission, militia forces kidnapped UN officials in the Bangladesh Battalion area and detained them in the deep forest. A special commando team led by Major Shifan has been flown from Bangladesh for the rescue mission. Meanwhile, the commando’s helicopter crashed in the deep forest while doing Reiki. Yet even in that hostile environment, the formidable commando team finally succeeded in their mission ….

The military thriller ‘Mission Congo’, a young military officer from Shahriar Beach, takes the reader into a thrilling unknown world full of excitement. Reading it, I think maybe I’m watching a Hollywood movie. This is how our peacekeepers describe their extraordinary experiences in the pages of their own books. None of them may be witty writers. However, the details of his own experience may not be worth it.

In 1979, on the Iran-Iraq Military Observer Group (UNIMG) mission, Lt. For the first time, a group of smart peacekeepers from the Bangladesh Army took part in a UN mission led by Colonel Fazle Elahi Akbar (later Major General). Over the next three decades, Bangladesh’s peacekeepers (army, navy, air force and police) have achieved remarkable success in the international arena. Has created an inspiring and proud image of a new Bangladesh. At present Bangladesh is the largest sender of peacekeepers.

Some of the peacekeepers have returned to the country and written books on the mission in the light of their personal experiences. These books have become the new horizon of creativity today. Such writings are generally of two classes. Some books / articles are written on the theory, military and operational issues of UN peacekeeping missions. A lot at the academic level. Another type of book is reminiscences of personal experiences or travel, history and anecdotes. This article or section needs sources or references that appear in credible, third-party publications. The number of such books is more than fifty. In their writings, the history of those countries, politics, ethnic conflict, civil war, economy, military, international strategy, the contribution of peacekeepers, life abroad, etc., various issues have come up. The peacekeepers of our army have served humanity (as well as the invading forces (sometimes like a war) by destroying world peace. There are those details in the books.

The United Nations conducts a peacekeeping mission called “Antag” (1989) to monitor the peace process in Namibia and conduct elections. Several army and police officers from Bangladesh participated in this mission. Journalist-writer Harun Habib attended Namibia’s independence celebrations in 1990. Based on this experience, he wrote, “Namibia, South Africa: I saw the sunrise” (National Literary Publication, March 1991). This book is said to be the first book written on the UN mission. However, the first book written by the peacekeepers (probably) was SKN Islam’s ‘Amar Dekha Namibia’ (Laila Arjumand Banu, Khulna, July 1991).

Then Lt. on the mission in Bosnia. Colonel Bashir Uddin Ahmed wrote, “Bosnian war in the light of experience.” Nab Vikram Tripura, a police officer (additional IGP and secretary) with the experience of the UN mission, published ‘Doordeshe’. Lt. on the Somalia mission. Colonel Fayez Siddiqui wrote, ‘Somalia’s tears’. These were the first books published on peace missions.

The difficult working environment in peacekeeping missions, the achievements of peacekeepers, humanitarian activities and challenges are well illustrated in the book of peacekeepers. One of these books is Major General Rezakul Haider’s ‘One Air in East Timor’, Brigadier General Shams’s ‘South Sudan Golden Day Expectations’, Col. G. R. Md. Ashraf Uddin’s ‘White Crow and Black Man’s Story’, Brigadier General Md. Zahid Hossain’s ‘Memories of Sierra Leone’, Major Muhammad Ashiq Hasan Ullah’s ‘In the Land of Black Woods’ and Brigadier General Md. Bayezid Sarwar’s ‘Cambodia: Journal of the Peace Corps’. In addition, General Moin U Ahmed wrote, “Memorable Rwandan Peacekeeping Mission.” This is a chapter in his book ‘Memories of Time in the Dream of Peace’.

In the pages of these books we find how an independent country is being born from the chains of subjugation in collaboration with our peacekeepers. In the same way, it has shown the light of peace by freeing the countries from the curse of civil war. Humanity has been associated with our peacekeepers. Wherever they went, they won the hearts and minds of the people.

The writings of the peacekeepers highlight the civil war, the fratricidal conflict, the genocide and the crookedness of foreign conspiracies. They have seen the reality of the horrendous disunity and deadly divisions between the political parties of the countries devastated by the civil war and genocide. In some texts, the desire for ethnic unity has come up. There are such books in the Colonel. Nurul Islam’s ‘Troubled Somalia’, Brigadier General Badrul Millat’s ‘Story of Black People and Good People’, Brigadier General Md. Habibul Karim’s ‘Congo: In the Land of Man-Eaters and Pygmies’ and Major Kausar Ahmed’s ‘Conflict in Western Sahara and Quest for Peace’.

Some peacekeepers have also written excellent novels in the background of the mission. Fiction writer Kazi Rafi’s (Major Kazi Zahirul Islam) novel takes the reader to a different world of romance. In Ivory Coast, Elma, a female officer in the French army, and Athai, a peacekeeper in the Bangladesh Battalion. While trying to heal the small wounds of this planet with the warmth of the heart, he became deeply involved with the lascivious French Elma …. Kazi Rafi is another impeccable love novel written against the backdrop of the peace mission ‘Le Jo Nadir Banke’ Author Jahan Ara Siddiqui Pot of Cambodia Peace Mission

He wrote ‘Sanvarta’ on the ground. The heartwarming story of a peacekeeper and a Khmer girl touches the hearts of the readers. Major Sabbir Ahsan writes in The Peacekeepers about the life experiences of peacekeepers in the Congo. The novel, which is rich in details of the mission, has caught the eye of the readers. Lt. in the background of Haiti. Colonel Syed Ali Ahmed wrote, ‘Move Fam’.

Some of our poets and writers have volunteered for UN missions. Poet Zahid Haider wrote an excellent book on the experience of the Cambodian mission, “When in Cambodia”. A few writers and journalists who have traveled to the mission area have presented some excellent books on their personal experiences. Among them, popular author Anisul Haque has written an impeccable book ‘Next to the red and green in Ivory Coast’. Writer Mitali Hossain writes, ‘In the land of the Khmer Rouge’.

A few more peacekeepers in our police force have reported rare experiences in their published books. Among them are Feroz Khan’s ‘Durer Jatra’, Golam Mohiuddin Khan’s ‘Mission Darfur’ and Rahman Shelley’s ‘In Search of Peace in Bloody Sudan’.

At present, our women peacekeepers are proudly participating in peacekeeping missions. Brigadier General Nazma Begum Naju of the Army Medical Corps has written four books on her experience. One of them is ‘Autobiography, the first woman contingent commander in UN history’. Major Sharmin Haque wrote, ‘The Bengal Girl in Africa’ (essay).

Major Md. Edited by Delwar Hossain and published from the first edition, ‘Peacekeepers: 30 years of experience of Bangladeshi peacekeepers in maintaining world peace’ is a remarkable initiative. It is a cover, a statement of the diverse experiences of 32 peacekeepers wrapped in various threads.

One of the attractions of the Peacekeepers’ books is its travelogue. The books of the peacekeepers are also excellent travel stories. The books take readers to unfamiliar towns, where tourists do not usually go. Navy Commander Hasan Zaman Khan’s’ Ivory Coast in Diary ‘, Brigadier General AKM Mahfuzul Haque’s ’14 Days in Liberia’, Lt. Colonel Waliullah’s ‘Countries on the Atlantic’, Col. Md. Farid Uddin’s ‘Africa I See’, Col. Shahjahan Mollah’s ‘On the Roof of the Earth’, Air Force Wing Commander Rakib Mahmood’s ‘Rapid Deployment’ (essay) and Lt. Colonel Mahmud Shamsher’s ‘Country in Africa’ and Major Khoshroj Samad’s ‘The Story of Terror is the Story of Adventure’.

Today is May 29, International United Nations Peacekeeping Day 2021. On this auspicious occasion, I would like to extend my best wishes to all the peacekeepers currently engaged in the mission. I remember our 159 martyred peacekeepers with humble respect.

One of the results of the peacekeepers’ creations is the tide of Bengali life without diversity, where there are adventures, foreign wars, thrilling adventures, love stories of men and women in the wonders of the world, the surroundings of unknown worlds. There are heroic stories of Bangladeshi peacekeepers. The book of peacekeepers: Spring flowers are now blooming in that garden. Let the fragrance of flowers spread everywhere.

Author: Engaged in a peace mission in Cambodia (Antak)