June 20, 2021


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Rare shy monkey

Eyeballs like marble stones. Looking steadfastly. The toenails are like blooming flowers. Even from inside the iron cage, people are wrapped in shyness like snails. I am hungry, so there is no movement. The animal was spotted at Laudergarh in Tahirpur upazila. This rare and endangered creature is called the shy monkey. The English name is Bengal slow loris ev Northern slow loris (scientific name Nycticebus bengalensis).

According to the relevant sources, endangered shy monkeys live in the high trees of the hilly area. They are nocturnal. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) has identified a rare and endangered shy monkey recognized as an endangered species at Laudergarh on the Tahirpur border in Sunamganj. Following the news of the monkey being caught on social media Facebook, Srimangal Wildlife Conservator Sohail Shyam, through the Department of Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation, has made arrangements to release the monkey at Lauyachhara National Park. The forest department rescued the monkey with him on Friday afternoon.

According to Stand for Hour Endangered Wildlife, Babul Mia, a resident of Laudergarh Dashgharpara in Badaghat Union of Tahirpur Upazila, went to the Laudergarh border on Wednesday afternoon to collect wood. At one stage, he saw a rare and beautiful shy monkey in a tree and brought it home. At this time the shy monkey bit Babul’s hand. Jamal Uddin, a village doctor in Laudergarh Bazar, treated him when his hands and face became swollen after returning home. Village doctor Jamal Uddin posted a picture of Babul Mia and the animal on Facebook. The post caught the eye of wildlife conservationist Sohail Shyam. He and a member of his organization, Khokon, collected the names, addresses and mobile phone numbers of Thounaujam worker Babul Mia and the village doctor and requested that the animal not be left unattended. When they repeatedly contacted him, they also assured him that they would not let go of the animal. Sohail Shyam Sylhet Divisional Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation Divisional Officer. Rezaul contacted Karim and requested him to rescue and release the shy monkey. The officer instructed forester Anisuzzaman, Tajul Islam and Tiplu Dev of his office to rescue the shy monkey. They rushed from Srimangal to Laudergarh on the Tahirpur border yesterday morning. Wildlife conservationists Sohail Shyam and Khokon Thounaujam were brought along. They rescued the animal from Babul Mia and brought it back. It was unveiled at Lauachhara National Park last night.

Sohail Shyam, organizer of Stand for Our Endangered Wildlife, said: Earlier, the monkey was listed as endangered by the IUCN Wildlife List. After we saw the picture through social media, we took quick steps so that it would not be missed. A village doctor and the person who caught the monkey revealed his complete information and requested that it not be lost. After informing the forest department, we came with them and rescued it. ‘

National Park Lauyachhara Janakichhara camp forester said. Anisuzzaman told Kaler Kantha yesterday afternoon, ‘The shy monkey is rare in our country. It can live in dense green forests where there are tall plants. We rescued it from Laudergarh in Sunamganj after receiving the news. That night we were released in Janakichhara camp. ‘