June 20, 2021


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Peacekeepers are our ambassadors of peace: Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Dr. peacekeepers commented on our peace envoy. AK Abdul Momen said Bangladesh is making a special contribution to UN peacekeeping operations. It is a source of pride for us. They are branding Bangladesh as a peace-loving country abroad and contributing to building a peaceful world.

He was speaking at the opening ceremony of a rally on the occasion of Peacekeepers’ Day on Saturday (May 29). The rally was organized in front of BAF Central Mosque in Tejgaon on the occasion of International United Nations Peacekeeping Day.

The Foreign Minister said Bangladesh is making special contribution to UN peacekeeping operations. It is a source of pride for us. At present, there are about 6,500 Bangladeshi peacekeepers in 6 countries in the UN peacekeeping force.

“Our peacekeepers are deployed in several challenging spots around the world,” he said. There, they are working closely with the local people to maintain peace, security and human rights, as well as the security of civilians. Even during the global epidemic, our peacekeepers continue to serve in various peacekeeping missions without fear.

The peacekeeping rally was inaugurated by flying balloons and white doves. International United Nations Peacekeeping Day is celebrated around the world on May 29 every year.

Austrian defender David Alabar’s contract with Bayern Munich expires on June 30. He will then officially join Real Madrid. Real authorities confirmed the matter in a statement.

It is known that Alaba is coming to Riyadh with an annual salary of 1 crore 25 lakh Euros excluding taxes. Apart from this, Alaba will also get 15 million Euros as a bonus for signing a contract as he came to Real without going to any other club.

Alaba has spent more than a decade for Bayern Munich. Alaba, who has emerged from the club’s youth team, has won many titles, including the Champions League, 10 Bundesliga and six German Cups. In all competitions for Bayern, he played 431 matches, scored 33 goals and scored 55 with his teammates. Originally playing as a center-back, Alaba also specializes in playing on the wing.
Finnish Prime Minister Sana Marin’s breakfast bill has been questioned. The country’s police announced an investigation on Friday to look into the matter.

Allegations against the Prime Minister, he is illegally taking subsidies for his breakfast from the people’s tax money.

Although Prime Minister Sanaa Marin is at the official residence, her family members are accused of charging her করে 365 a month for breakfast.

Meanwhile, Sana Marin wrote in a tweet that as Prime Minister, I did not want this facility. I am not involved in the decision.

Experts believe that the Prime Minister’s payment for breakfast from the people’s tax money is likely to conflict with the law.