June 20, 2021


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Don’t panic at the black fungus

Although the rate of coronavirus infection has begun to decline in troubled India, black fungus or fungal infections have spread and many deaths have been reported among those recovering from covid. In our country too, there have been reports of this infection in the bodies of some people and there is a lot of panic about it. The idea is that more people will be infected with the disease in the post-Corona period. But this fungus is not the only one that spreads among patients. Even if a person has low immunity, there is a risk of infection.

Not contagious
Hopefully the disease is not contagious. That is, it does not spread from person to person. However, the nature of the patient’s medical waste may be mixed with another person’s infection; If the person is not safe or has low immunity.

What is black fungus?
There can be many types of infections in the human body and these can be from bacteria, viruses or fungi. The scientific name of the black fungus is mucormycosis. This fungus is ubiquitous. It is an infectious substance floating in the air. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a fungus that causes myocardial infarction. It is more common on the ground than in the wind and in summer and autumn than in winter and spring. Most people come in contact with the spores of this microscopic fungus every day. So it is almost impossible to avoid contact.

Myocardial infarction is a very rare infection. This infection occurs when you come in contact with a fungus called mucor. This fungus is usually found in soil, plants, fertilizers, rotten fruits, vegetables, etc.

Although its ‘spores’ or germs cannot enter a healthy human body and cause harm, they can reproduce in the lungs when the immune system is weakened. It can then infect different parts of the body and cause death. Infections mainly spread to the sinuses, brain and lungs. However, in some cases it has been found to affect the esophagus, skin and other organs.

According to the CDC, the death rate from coronavirus black fungus is now 50 percent.

Who is at risk?
People of all ages are not at risk for this fungus, so there is nothing to worry about. However, those at risk are:

রোগ Patients who have recovered from corona infection but have diabetes.

Patients with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Those who have low immunity.

This fungus mainly nests when the body is weak. If corona patients stay in the ICU for too long or if steroids are applied too much, their immunity decreases. In this case, black fungus can enter the body.

People who are more unclean-dirty are basically at risk of this disease.




♦ Vomiting

পরিবর্তন Changes in mental state

কালো Black spots on the nose

Difficulty seeing

♦ Nasal congestion, runny nose, runny nose. The inside of the nose is dark in color.

♦ Mouth, cheek pain. In some cases, fainting.

♦ Infections can occur initially where there is injury to the skin. It can then quickly spread to other parts of the body.

Be careful if you have symptoms like blisters on the skin, redness and swelling on the skin.

♦ Toothache or loosening of teeth.

♦ Blurred vision or seeing two things.

বেশি If the infection spreads more, chest pain, shortness of breath, etc. may occur.

Specific guidelines on how to treat and manage black fungus in Bangladesh will be given soon. The Kavid National Technical Advisory Committee is working on this.

Seek medical advice immediately if you experience symptoms such as numb mouth, one side of the nose, swollen eyes or pain.

What to do to avoid infection
Beware of those who have cancer, kidney or liver problems in addition to diabetes. It’s not just during corona treatment, but also after recovery.

♦ Corona infection is not a steroid. If necessary, use steroids in small doses in a short time on the advice of an experienced physician. Especially diabetic patients need to be more careful in this regard.

ফিরে Check blood glucose levels back home from the hospital.

ুন Control the level of diabetes in diabetic patients.

Avoid dusty and damp, unclean-dirty areas.

Change the mask regularly or wash well with soap.

খান Eat more foods with vitamin C.

চেষ্টা Try to live in a ventilated room.

Avoid water installations damaged by natural disasters.

Make sure the oxygen cylinder is clean when giving oxygen to the patient. Because the oxygen cylinder is also one of the sources of black fungus infection.

♦ Hospital air conditioning, ventilators are also thought to spread black fungus. So keep these clean, sterile.

গেলে If the skin is cut, if there is a wound, make sure that dust does not fall on it.

চেষ্টা Try to increase immunity.

চেষ্টা Try to keep blood sugar levels low.

♦ Above all, in order to prevent Kavid-19, do things like hand washing, hand sanitizing, maintaining social distance properly.

Transcription: Ataur Rahman Kabul