June 20, 2021


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Expatriates to build houses on Jayanagar government land

Afne Keda. Afne is my relative. Afne called me. How to face to face without phone. I don’t care what happens to me, I don’t care what happens to UNO. I understand UNO’s log. Don’t call me anymore.

What is the purpose of calling Afne? If I shop, what is my problem?

This is what the reporter said on Thursday afternoon, said Nurpur village of Vijayanagar upazila of Brahmanbaria. Al-Amin. This is how he spoke when the man, who had recently returned from exile, called to inquire about the matter when he was accused of building a shop in a government place.

Russell Mahmud, deputy assistant officer of Nurpur Union Land Office, lodged a complaint against Al-Amin at Vijayanagar police station on Thursday. He gave a written complaint alleging obstruction of duty work while obstructing the construction of houses in government places.

Vijayanagar police officer in charge (OC) said. Atiqur Rahman said the allegation of obstruction of government work filed by the land officer has been registered as GD (General Diary). Necessary legal action will be taken in this regard after investigation.

It is learned that Al-Amin started construction of shops in Champaknagar Bazar of the upazila in place of old 333 dags and new 145-48 dag khas khatian. Upon learning of the matter, those concerned requested Al-Amin not to build the shop. But he did not listen to it and continued building shops. He even used to make threats in various ways. Construction of semi-finished houses on the site is still ongoing.

Several traders in the market said on condition of anonymity that one person wanted to build a house in the area even five years ago. At that time it was not possible due to the obstruction of the administration. Now al-Amin is forcibly building a house there. If a house is built here, there will be a possibility of occupying more government vacancies in the vicinity. ‘

Champaknagar Union Parishad Chairman. Hamidul Haque said, ‘People in the market committee say the place belongs to the government. There was a case with the market committee about the place which the government won. I have told those who are building houses to show it to UNO if they have the documents. But they did not. House building is still going on. ‘

Meanwhile, after leaving the phone for the first time, Al-Amin called the reporter himself. At that time, a person introducing himself as Kausar said that they have the documents of this place. He claimed that houses are being built there on paper.