June 19, 2021


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This time no prisoner died at sea in the cyclone

There is a saying that two birds are hunted in one fell swoop. Wednesday’s cyclone Yas also became an example of such an incident. In other words, the powerful cyclone Yas crossed the vast coastal area of ​​the country across the vast bay of the Bay of Bengal with great force, but this time the death toll in the sea has come to zero. During the 65-day ban on fishing in the interest of proper breeding and production of fish in the sea, a large number of prisoners have been saved from being killed in the cyclone. That is why people say that two birds are hunted in one go.

This is not the first time that a prisoner has been killed in a cyclone. There were no reports of any fishing boats or fishermen missing. Fishermen engaged in sea fishing have suffered huge losses in all the previous cyclones. Almost every cyclone has resulted in a large number of prison deaths and disappearances. While fishing in the sea, a fisherman not only lost his life but also lost his boat and nets and became destitute.

Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner. “We were very alert about the cyclone,” Mamunur Rashid told Kaler Kanth. Since the main fishing center of the country is on the coast of Cox’s Bazar, we have forced the fishermen along with the Coast Guard and others to abide by the government ban. That is why the death toll in the cyclone Yas has been reduced to zero or the number of missing fishermen, including boats, has been reduced to zero. ‘

The deputy commissioner said the government has banned fishing for 75 consecutive days to increase fish breeding and production in the Bay of Bengal. The ban started on May 20. No fishing boats will be allowed to fish in the sea till July 23 under the ban. Hurricane Yas hit last Wednesday while the government banned fishing. He said there were no casualties in the sea due to the government’s ban on increasing fish breeding.

Cox’s Bazar District Fisheries Officer SM Khalequzzaman told Kaler Kanth that 6,000 mechanical boats are engaged in fishing in the Bay of Bengal across the country. Among them, there are more than 5,000 mechanical boats in Cox’s Bazar district. He said fishing in the sea was banned for a month from October 15 to November 14 during the hilsa breeding season. The ban has been in place for 75 consecutive days since May 20. Which will continue till July 23.

He said if there was no government ban, the deaths of fishermen at sea and the disappearance of boats including fishermen could not have been avoided in any way. Fishermen cannot be suppressed even with the weather signal number 9. No matter how strong the cyclone comes, the fishermen will go down to the sea.

Cox’s Bazar District Fishing Boat Owners’ Association President and Cox’s Bazar Municipality Mayor Mujibur Rahman said, “Fishermen lost their lives in the sea when the cyclone hit.” Fishermen along with many boats went missing. The mourning of losing relatives in the jail villages started after the storm. But this time the situation was different. The government’s 75-day ban on fish breeding has also prevented the death of many inmates from Hurricane Yas.

Joynal Abedin Bahaddar, president of the Kutubdia Island Fishing Boat Owners’ Association, said fishermen on the island had been affected by all the cyclones that had hit since 1991, but had survived Wednesday’s cyclone. On the other hand, Cox’s Bazar District Mechanical Boat Owners Association General Secretary. Delwar Hossain said the government’s ban on fishing for 75 days has ensured the growth of sea fish on the one hand and the coastal fishermen on the other hand are unaffected by the ban.

Thirty years ago, on April 29, 1991, the catastrophic cyclone hit the 200,000 fishermen on the Cox’s Bazar coast alone, losing everything including their boats and nets. More than 50,000 people lost their lives in that storm and tidal wave in Cox’s Bazar district. A few thousand of whom were in jail. That cyclone also came at the time of the full moon date full tide. Thirty years later, Cyclone Yas hit a similar full moon last Wednesday, weakening off the coasts of West Bengal and Orissa in India.