June 20, 2021


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Girlfriend killed after rape: Boyfriend caught by police after a year and a half

After a long love affair with a student in Pekua, Cox’s Bazar, he killed his girlfriend after raping her. Omar Farooq, a one-and-a-half-year-old college student who was brutally murdered after being called to his house in the name of meeting, and his accomplice are now in the hands of CID police.

CID Cox’s Bazar Branch Special Superintendent of Police Mohammad Faisal Ahmed said this at a press conference on Friday (May 26) evening to unravel the mystery of such a sensational murder case.

A year and a half after the incident, Omar Farooq, 23, son of Anwar Hossain of Magnama area in Pekua, was arrested from Sylhet and his accomplice Mohammad Ilyas from Pekua.

At the press conference, the CID Superintendent of Police said, ‘Ayesha Siddique, 18, daughter of Jamal Uddin of Magnama Fateali Para area of ​​Pekua, was a ninth class student of Shah Rashidia Alim Madrasa in the area. His private teacher was Omar Farooq, an honors 2nd year student in the political science department of a government college. Due to long teaching, a love affair developed between them. They were both cousins.

Their family finds out about their love affair. On November 21, 2019, Omar Farooq called his girlfriend Ayesha to his house and raped her. Later, when Ayesha did not want to go back to her home due to the pressure of marriage, her boyfriend Farooq strangled her to death.

Later, to cover up the incident, the body was dumped in a pond and the killer Omar Farooq and his accomplice (cousin’s husband) Mohammad Ilyas fled. Ayesha’s father Jamal Uddin filed a case after recovering the body from the pond on November 22 of that year. Four people including Omar Farooq were accused in the case.

The other accused are Farooq’s uncle Kamal Hossain, aunt Halima Begum and Rokeya Begum. After taking charge of the case, the CID arrested the main accused Farooq from Phulbari area under Golapganj police station on May 26 and arrested his accomplice Mohammad Ilias on May 27.

CID Special Superintendent of Police Mohammad Faisal Ahmed said, “The police arrested the accused Halima Begum and Rokeya Begum in the case and gave them statements under Section 164 of the Penal Code during interrogation. However, the main accused kept himself in hiding.” This incident was hidden for a year and a half. After arresting these two accused in a long effort, CID got more information. The CID then revealed the exact details of the incident.

The arrested accused have revealed the names of more accused involved in the incident. CID Superintendent of Police Faisal did not want to reveal the names and addresses of the accused in the interest of proper investigation of the case.