June 18, 2021


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The process of repatriation of the victimized young woman with tickling heart is underway

Police have recovered the body of Salma Begum, 35, a seven-month-pregnant housewife, from the lock of Satakshira, police said. She is the wife of Rostam Gazi of Char Kanaidia village in Jalalpur union of the upazila and daughter of Gowhar Gazi of Jethua village of the same union.

The housewife’s body was found wrapped in a sari in the middle of her house in Charkanaidia village on Friday (May 28th) at noon. However, the victim’s family claimed that he was killed and hanged due to a family quarrel. The victim’s husband Rostam Gazi Gazi could not be found at home after the incident.

According to local sources, Salma and her husband had been having a family quarrel for some time. Arbitration meetings are held several times to settle disputes. Arbitration was held on Thursday, the day before the incident, to settle the quarrel. His body was found hanging in the house after Friday prayers. They have a 5 year old son in their family.

Gawhar Ghazi, the father of the deceased, said she often had quarrels with her husband. He was also beaten. I have settled down a few times. But there was no solution. He said his daughter was killed and her body was hung on Friday afternoon.

Jalalpur UP chairman M Mofidul Haque Litu said he went to the house after hearing the news and saw the body hanging. The matter was later reported to the police.

Tala police OC said. Mehdi Russell confirmed the rescue of the body, saying there was a UD case in the incident. The body will be sent to Satkhira morgue for autopsy. It will be known after the autopsy report of murder or suicide.

. Besides, efforts are being made to bring the victim back to the country.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Tejgaon Division Deputy Commissioner (DC) confirmed the information on Friday. Shahidullah.

“We have confirmed through the Indian media, journalists and the Bangalore police that two people were shot dead by the local police when those involved in the incident tried to flee,” he said. Analyzing the viral video, a picture of a Bangladeshi boy was matched with one. The boy’s name is Tiktak Hriday. The accused is a resident of Maghbazar. At present, efforts are being made to bring the victims and the perpetrators back to the country through the legal process by contacting India through the police headquarters.

Earlier, the video, which went viral on social media, showed 3-4 young men physically and sexually abusing a 20-22-year-old girl.

The video of the Bangladeshi girl being taken to the Indian state of Kerala and sexually abused went viral. When the video spread, the Indian police launched an operation to arrest the accused. A total of two Bangladeshi nationals, including Tiktak Hriday, were shot by the police while the accused were fleeing.

Officials of the NCB branch of the Bangladesh Police have been communicating via e-mail with officials of the NCB branch in Delhi, India about the incident. A case has already been filed with Hatirjheel police station over the incident. The victims and the accused will be brought back to the country, police said.