June 18, 2021


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MP’s attack on gambling preparations, conditional pardon

Tuhin, MP from Mymensingh-9 Nandail constituency, went ahead with the news of some youths gambling inside a union sub-health center on Friday afternoon. He forgave them on the condition that they would not call them unnecessarily or get involved in any kind of intoxication. Such an incident took place in Abaldhani area of ​​Achargaon union of the upazila.

According to local sources, he (MP) roamed the area all day. In addition to overseeing development work, he is also addicted to researching people. Where development has not been touched, who is complaining, who is seeing how he is, he makes immediate necessary arrangements. Today, on Friday afternoon, the MP went to see the dilapidated condition of a local market called Abaldhani. At this time, some youths are sitting inside a sub-health center next to the market. Understand that gambling is being prepared. At that time, when they tried to run away, the MP assured them that he would not do anything loudly and brought them back. He was later pardoned on the condition that he would not commit such misdeeds again. At this time, in addition to their own name and address, their father’s name was written down.

According to the locals, many people are getting addicted to various drugs in remote areas during this time. No one comes forward to resist them. In this situation, the manner in which a Member of Parliament himself came to them and removed them from the gambling den is unprecedented. With the intervention of an MP, maybe these youngsters can get back on track. This seems like a rare occurrence to many. The issue has gone viral through social media (Facebook) in addition to the area. The MP himself has warned everyone about this by posting pictures on his Facebook ID.

The German foreign minister has apologized for the massacre in Namibia more than a hundred years ago, calling it a “genocide”. The country has said it will pay ৪ 134 million for the incident. Germany will provide the funding over 30 years for Namibia’s infrastructure, healthcare and various training programs for the affected.

German colonists killed millions of Herrero and Nama people in the early twentieth century. After so many years, on Friday, May 26, 2021, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas officially acknowledged the massacre as genocide.

“We apologize to Namibia and the heirs of those killed for Germany’s historical and moral responsibility,” the German foreign minister said in a statement. A spokesman for the Namibian government told AFP that Germany’s admission of responsibility for the genocide was “the first step towards truth and justice.”

From 184 to 1915, Namibia was a German colony called “German South-West Africa.”