June 20, 2021


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Bangladesh is ready to establish peace in any part of the world: Prime Minister

Expressing Bangladesh’s readiness to establish peace in any part of the world under the auspices of the UN Security Council, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh’s peacekeepers are working hard to establish peace in different countries of the world. The image of the country is being brightened by their admirable role.

The Prime Minister was addressing a video conference at Senakunj on Saturday (May 29) to mark the celebration of International United Nations Peacekeepers Day-2021.

Recalling the important role of Bangladesh in UN peacekeeping operations and expressing pride in this, the Prime Minister said, “We are always ready to establish peace in any part of the world under the auspices of the UN Security Council.” I believe that the young members of our armed forces and police are fully prepared to face the challenge of establishing world peace in the 21st century.

Sheikh Hasina said out of 60,164 peacekeepers from 122 countries engaged in establishing world peace at the moment, 6,642 are peacekeepers from Bangladesh. This number is 8.40 percent of the total peacekeepers deployed in the world, which is a great honor for us. Besides, 264 women peacekeepers of Bangladesh are currently engaged in world peacekeeping activities.

The Prime Minister said our peacekeepers have successfully completed 55 UN missions in 40 countries. At present our peacekeepers are engaged in 6 missions. He also holds the rank of Major General as Deputy Force Commander in South Sudan and Brigadier General in the Congo, Central African Republic and Sector Commander in South Sudan. They got these high positions because of their skills.

Referring to the need for Bangladeshi peacekeepers in the UN peacekeeping mission, Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh has been contributing to maintaining peace and security and building a culture of peace. Bangladeshi peacekeepers are working at the risk of their lives to establish and maintain peace in conflict-prone countries. Wherever our peacekeepers have gone, they have hoisted the UN flag and raised the image of Bangladesh. That is why Bangladesh today has become one of the top peacekeepers in the world.

The Prime Minister called upon all the peacekeepers of the Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force and Police to maintain their current professionalism, integrity, dedication and sincerity in global peacekeeping operations.

Sheikh Hasina said all the efforts of our government will continue so that all the peacekeepers of Bangladesh with all the necessary equipment can respond to the call of the United Nations with more confidence.

He said the people of Bangladesh along with the world will always remember your role in establishing world peace. We hope that you will establish Bangladesh as a strong peace-building country in the world, and will uphold the flag of Bangladesh in the world.