June 20, 2021


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The Indian board is the richest; Pakistan in the top four BCB!

The Corona epidemic has devastated sports around the world. Cricket is no exception. The boards have suffered huge financial losses as the game has been closed for months. The game is being held in a stadium without spectators in the biological safety zone. Since then the game has been reduced and the amount of profit has also decreased due to lack of spectator access to the field. But what is the income status of cricket boards in the midst of this epidemic?

According to Times Now News.com, Sourav Ganguly’s BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world despite the epidemic. They have suffered because the spectators did not enter the IPL in Corona. This year’s IPL was suspended in the middle of the year. Even then, the revenue of the Indian Cricket Board is now Rs 3,630 crore. Cricket Australia, in second place, has a revenue of Rs 2,743 crore. England has three with an income of Rs 2,135 crore. That is, cricket’s ‘Big Three’ has retained the top three positions.

Until now, the fourth richest cricket board was called Bangladesh Cricket Board. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board has risen to the top with an ace BCB! Their income is 611 crores. Their income has increased a lot in the last few years as they have been hosting the Pakistan Super League. Nazmul Hasan Papon’s BCB is in the fifth place with an income of 802 crore. It is followed by South Africa (Rs 475 crore), New Zealand (Rs 210 crore), West Indies (Rs 116 crore), Zimbabwe (Rs 113 crore) and Sri Lanka at the bottom.

Students have demanded the reopening of all educational institutions in the country, including the capital’s Jagannath University, which has been closed for more than 14 months.

The students of Jagannath University made this demand at a human chain organized at the quiet premises of the university at 11 am on Saturday (May 29).

Students in the human chain said, everything is going on in the country, only the educational system is being crippled by closing down the educational institutions. Even nominal classes online are not effective. Besides, university classes have not been held online for the last four months. Therefore, the education system should not be crippled, but the university should be mobilized by thinking about the future of the students.

The students further said that everything is going normally in the country without any interruption. Only the university is closed. Apart from universities, garment factories and shopping malls are all open. But only the university has been closed. They put the question, garment factories, shopping malls do not? Addressing those concerned with education, they said, “The fate of a nation is determined in the classroom, but you have no thoughts about determining the fate of a nation.”

The human chain demanded the government and the vice-chancellor to open Jagannath University immediately.