June 18, 2021


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The closed school playground in Corona is now a dustbin

The playground of Madan Shaheed Smarinika Girls High School, the only girls’ high school in Madan Upazila of Netrokona, has now turned into a dustbin. As the school is closed in Corona, people from nearby houses have turned the school playground into a dustbin. As a result, pedestrians are passing by the field and the environment is being polluted. Pedestrians are holding their noses and mouths due to the stench.

The headmaster of the school discussed the matter several times in the meeting of the Upazila Monthly Coordination Committee including the written application in the Department of Environment Agargaon but did not get any result. The only girls’ high school in the upazila is located about 200 meters away from the office of the Upazila Nirbahi Officer. Next to it is the Upazila Health Complex. As the ground of that school has turned into a dustbin in the municipality, there has been anger among the conscious community.

Sohag Ahmed, who lives next to the field, lamented that the school grounds have now turned into a dustbin due to the garbage. It is very difficult to live with the family because of the stench. It is very unfortunate that the school playground environment with UNO office and hospital is like that. No one to watch.

Akkas Uddin, the headmaster of the school, said, “I have made a written request to the Department of Environment, Agargaon, to protect the environment of the school playground.” I have discussed in the Upazila Monthly Coordination Committee more than once but did not get any benefit.

Enamul Haque, president of the school’s ad hoc committee, said that despite contacting various authorities to make the school ground suitable for sports, it did not work.

Municipal Mayor Saiful Islam Saif said it was not possible to take effective action as a case was pending between the school authorities and the owner over the grounds of Madan Shaheed Smarinika Girls’ High School. Measures will be taken soon to keep the playground safe.

Shakib Al Hasan was unbeaten in the ODI series against Sri Lanka. Although he got three wickets with the ball, he was completely dull with the bat. This time Dhaka Premier League is ahead. Mohammedan will play in the league this time under the leadership of the best all-rounder in the world. In a press statement, the traditional club has officially announced to make Shakib the captain.

A few days ago, Shakib faced controversy when he went to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL) without playing a Test series against Sri Lanka. His argument was to prepare himself for the upcoming T20 World Cup. But he could not do much after getting a chance in 4 matches in IPL. That Shakib has decided to play in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) this time by saying ‘no’.

DPL will be played from May 31. 12 teams will take part in it. The game will be played in T20 format instead of ODIs. Besides Shakib, Shamsur Rahman Shuvo, Taskin Ahmed, Abu Haider Rony, Abu Zayed Rahi, Shubhagat Home and others are in the Mohammedan team. The traditional team is eager to regain their lost glory.