June 18, 2021


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Allegations of vandalism and looting of houses in Sirajganj due to non-payment of dues

In Sirajganj, shops, houses were vandalized and goods were looted due to non-payment of dues. Around 15:30 pm on Friday, vandalism and looting took place in about 15 houses including the house of Selim Raza, son of late Akhter Sheikh of Puthiabari mahalla in Sirajganj municipal area. Police visited the scene at night. Additional police are deployed in the area.

This Saturday morning, Selim Reza said, last (May 20) Sanu, son of Bisha Sheikh of Dhanbandhi mahalla, Momin and Matin Gangra of Puthiabari mahalla came together with my flour and demanded extortion in various ways. They ransacked us and vandalized our houses due to non-payment of dues. My mother filed a case with the Sadar Police Station. After Sanu was arrested by the police in that case last Friday night, his younger brother Shamim, Momin and Matin Gangra of Puthiabari mahalla along with me and my elder brother Shafi and younger brother Habu vandalized and looted 15 of our houses.

At that time, they vandalized a sack of flour, a sack of bhusi, 3 TVs, 3 fridges from my house and smashed the cupboards. Takes away. We have lost about 15 lakh rupees. We are terrified now. In this incident we have become utterly silent.

“Sanu Ganga is now threatening us with death in various ways,” he added. The situation is tense at the scene. Fearing Sanu Gang, we and most of the people of Puthiabari mahalla are moving to another place with furniture. He said a case was being prepared at Sadar police station in this regard.

In this regard, Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Sirajganj Sadar Police Station Bahauddin Farooqui said that the police was sent after receiving the news of the vandalism at night. So far, additional police have been deployed in the area. Immediate action will be taken by identifying those involved in the incident.

And there is only one month left. Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona will end after that. Barca authorities are already trying their best to retain Messi. And there is speculation in the world football arena that Lionel Messi will stay in Barcelona, ​​or choose a new address? Meanwhile, Bar সভাপতিa president Juan Laporta reiterated that he is optimistic about Messi’s stay at Bara.

Messi, outraged at new coach Ronald Koeman and then-club president Bartomeu, abruptly signed a contract in August last year and wanted to leave Barcelona on a free transfer. But Bartameu kept him in legal custody. Forced, Messi decided to stay until the end of the contract. That contract is finally set to expire next month.

Laporta said talks with the Argentine forward were progressing well. “The discussion about Messi is going well, but it’s not over,” he told a news conference on Friday. We are trying to make an offer from within the capabilities of the club, as the player likes. Then Messi should stay at Barca.