June 20, 2021


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The fate of the Commonwealth hung in Barcelona!

The Catalan club has had a bad season last season, including the misdeeds of former president Bartomeu, Messi’s move to leave Bar a, forcing Suarez to leave the club, losing La Liga and distrust of the new coach. New coach Ronald Koeman is under a lot of pressure. He may not have thought that Bartameu would have to resign. The new president, Juan Laporta, has not yet decided on Koman. The decision about his job will be made after evaluating the performance of the season.

The Spanish media has been claiming for some time that Koman’s job is going away. “There is no turning point in football or the game,” Laporta said of the Dutch coach’s fate. You have to try your best in every season. I told the coach that we would evaluate how the season went and commented on future decisions. Respect you as a professional. We will sit down at the end of the season and decide what will happen in the future.

Barcelona were unbeaten last season. Which is the first in the club’s one-decade history. Koman was then appointed. As soon as he was appointed, he took steps to cut off the old men. His first target was Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan star striker wanted to stay at Bar হলেওa even though he was on the transfer bench. But he was forced to leave the club. So that Messi got very angry. Since then, Koeman’s relationship with Messi has cooled. And after getting the job, Koman has only won the Copa del Rey title.