June 20, 2021


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Drug horror and eradication strategies

Is there anyone in the world who does not know about drugs? The horrors of drugs cannot be ended by writing or saying. Although not a drug producing country, Bangladesh has become a victim of drug aggression due to its geographical location. The Golden Crescent, the drug haven, is located in the northwest of our country and in the southeast corner of the Golden Triangle, which is home to the international drug producing regions of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. The use of domestic transit for drug trafficking from these countries internationally is making it difficult to stop the spread of drugs. In the new year we expect a drug free society. The hope is that the current government has adopted a very strict and zero tolerance policy against drugs and all forces are working together to eradicate drugs.

What is a drug?
A drug is a substance that is addictive when played. Cannabis, Phensidyl, Charas, Cannabis, Rose, Jorda, Heroin, Pathedrine, Alcohol, Yaba and all other drugs are included. When someone becomes addicted to these drugs, he is called a drug addict. The Bangladesh Narcotics Control Act, 1989, defines a drug addict as a person who is physically or mentally dependent on drugs or a habitual drug user. The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined drug addiction as follows: Intoxication is detrimental to the individual and the society produced by the repeated consumption of a drug (Natural and Synthetic.)

Why this addiction?
One of the reasons that leads people to drug addiction is abnormal competition, social instability, tension, boredom, loneliness and inability to fight failure in an environment of changing family structures. However, the main reason for the increase in the number of drug addicts is the easy availability of drugs.

Rapid urbanization, population growth, massive development and use of internet and information technology, lack of social awareness etc. are also responsible for increasing drug problem. The rate of drug addiction is also increasing due to family quarrels, broken families due to divorce, frustration from love and job failure. Most drug users blame ‘peer pressure’ or being in the company of friends as the main ‘pool factor’. Curiosity in many cases serves as an important reason for taking drugs for the first time.

At a Glance Drug Statistics in
Bangladesh About 8.5 million people in Bangladesh are addicted to drugs. A large part of the unemployed population of the country is also addicted to drugs. Of the total drug addicts, 48 ​​percent are educated and 40 percent are uneducated. About 58 percent of drug addicts are sex offenders, of whom 8 percent are infected with the HIV virus. Around one lakh 80 thousand drug dealers are running their business across the country, out of which 26,300 are women.

In 2019, an average of 114 patients were receiving treatment at government and private rehabilitation centers every day. In 2016 this number was 104 and in 2016 it was 79. It is also surprising that the number of female drug addicts has quadrupled in 2019. In 2016, 91 women received treatment in government facilities. This number has increased to 360 in 2019. (
Published in The Financial Express on January 13, 2020  ). 

Drug users collect drugs from multiple sources. Most of them are supplied drugs by friends and classmates. Some use drug dealers and smugglers as sources. A small number of street children collect drugs through Tokai and many also get drugs through domestic help (servants, security guards, etc.). 

The horrors of
drugs are rampant all over the country. Drugs have spread not only in the cities but also in the villages. The energy and potential of youth is ending its poisonous chobal. Destructive drugs destroy a person’s body, mind, consciousness and all the dreams of his family involved in his life and his bright future. Destroying not only the family, but also the black claws of drugs, it is threatening a society, a nation and a future generation by gradually taking on a larger scale. Society is lagging behind as young fresh souls are lost in the darkness. In different ways, in different ways, drugs are entering our society. And with the deterioration of individual and family life, inconsistencies in attainment with expectations, frustration and lack of values, drugs have extended its hand to the youth. 

Drugs destroy the youth
We are constantly getting news from various sources including various media that the affluent areas of the capital like Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara are being destroyed by the destructive yaba consumption. Talking to people in Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, it is known that their children are on the verge of destruction as a result of consuming the destructive yaba. Not just Gulshan, Banani, Mirpur. Toralbagh, Malibagh, Jatrabari, Mohakhali, Gabtali, Sayedabad and several other areas are witnessing drug abuse. The Department of Narcotics Control has so far recovered 24 types of drugs. These drugs include: yaba, phencidyl, heroin, marijuana, distilled alcohol and foreign liquor, pathedrine, dinachard spirit, cannabis, beer, tari, buprenorphine (TD Jessic injection), codeine tablets, fermented wash (Java), Injections), morphine, ice pills, Viagra, Sanagra, toluene, potassium permanganate and methyl-ethyl ketones. 

Harmful aspects of drug use 
Once he becomes addicted, it becomes very difficult to bring him back to normal life from the devastating scourge of drugs. So the family needs to be more aware of this. A drug addict is enough to create unrest and chaos in a family or society. A person addicted to drugs can face various harms including physical, mental, financial, family. Physical effects include swelling of the face, sudden loss of eyesight, redness of the face and nose, loss of sexual energy, soreness all over the body including the face, cardiac arrest, loss of chest and lungs, loss of memory, increase in skin and sexually transmitted diseases. Found, increase infectious diseases, destroy memory cells. Women are more physically affected by drug use, such as irregular menstruation, various uterine diseases, There are various sexually transmitted diseases including decreased fertility of women. Doctors believe that AIDS is appearing among drug addicts recently. There is a great deal of mental damage that has to be borne all the time, such as insanity, dizziness and irritable mood, laziness and anxiety, depression, loss of affection, and so on.

The biggest damage to drug addiction is in the family and social spheres. Because there is no happiness in the family where the drug addict has entered. In many cases, drug addicts steal ornaments and money from family members, and if they fail to do so, they force their relatives to pay for their weapons. Extreme chaos and unrest prevailed in the society and panic was created among the common people. At present, its prevalence has increased from the cities of the country to the remote villages. If this continues, the family and the social system will be on the verge of collapsing.

New trends or trends in drugs
Various drugs, including yaba, are entering the country from neighboring countries in a fancy way. Yaba consignment is being brought from Comilla inside the onion. The transport of seasonal fruits at the border has long been used as a means of smuggling drugs, including phencidyl and yaba.

A new concern is the use of money earned through drug abuse and smuggling to spread international militant terrorism. Small and big factories have sprung up on the border of Myanmar, the neighboring country of Bangladesh. The militants are now involved in drug trafficking, snatching, robbery, etc. to raise funds. 

Prescription drugs have now become a major public health problem. Prescription drug is a pharmaceutical drug, which is legally the rule of delivery through a medical prescription. Prescription drugs are the third most widely used drug after alcohol and marijuana (before cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine). Anyone can easily become addicted to drugs. Many become addicted to using another person’s prescription or taking more than the prescribed dose. 

The use of women and children in the spread of drugs is constantly increasing. Drug traffickers are choosing women and children as safe ways to import, supply and trade yaba. In many cases, men are failing to bring their family’s hired women and children into the business. Women and children, especially from low-income families, are involved in the drug trade for economic well-being. Currently, the number of women drug dealers is increasing day by day due to the increasing influence of Yaba in the country. One of the reasons for this is that women can easily carry a lot of yaba together in different sensitive parts of their body. For some time now, women have been carrying special bags of yaba in their stomachs. Even children are being trafficked in schoolbags. 

Drug eradication strategies and success 
Anti-drug activities are usually carried out in three ways নির্ reduction of demand, reduction of supply and reduction of losses. A new addition to the digital anti-drug campaign is the LED kiosk display device, which is being set up in three places in each district to raise awareness as part of the demand reduction strategy. Coordinating, supervising, all anti-narcotics government or private work. There is a committee for drug control and promotion at the national district and upazila level to provide advice and create public awareness against drugs. The activities of all the committees are monitored and evaluated by the National Narcotics Control Board. At the district level, there is a district drug control campaign committee under the chairmanship of the deputy commissioner of the national anti-drug committee. Under the chairmanship of the Upazila Nirbahi Officer, a discussion meeting was held at the head office with the field level officers every three months to review and coordinate the activities of the Upazila Narcotics Control Department.

An anti-yaba smuggling task force has been formed at Teknaf in Cox’s Bazar as part of the supply cut. The permanent self-contained office of the Department of Drug Control has been introduced. Important plans have been taken to strengthen the department, such as setting up world-class interrogation units, launching criminal data management systems, purchasing advanced intelligence equipment and setting up mobile trackers. So far, six fruitful bilateral meetings have been held between Bangladesh and India at the Director General level on drug control. Besides, three bilateral meetings have been held between Bangladesh and Myanmar so far to curb yaba trafficking. Capacity building As a result of adopting modern technology and training, the exchange of information on drug smuggling and drug abuse is significant. 

As part of mitigation, plans have been made to set up government drug addiction treatment centers in every district of the country in phases. There are officially four treatment centers in the country to bring drug addicts back to a healthy life. In addition, licenses have been issued to run 304 drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers at the private level till May 2019, with 3,690 beds.

Achieving the Sustainable Drug Control Goals requires proper adherence to international drug conventions and the introduction of domestic drug policies in accordance with the UN Action Plan on Drug Control, including public health and human rights. In this case, sustainable action can be fruitful through greater dialogue and cooperation with regional and international countries and organizations. All the routes of drug entry including the borders of the country should be completely closed. Indo-Myanmar-Bangladesh tripartite drug control regional framework initiated by Bangladesh can play an important role in drug control.

In order to prevent any child or adolescent from getting involved in drugs, to control their curiosity or experimentation, to deal with adversity, and to be aware of friendly choices, the consequences of drugs need to be discussed in advance. Apart from this, for the physical and mental development including sports, it is necessary to arrange competitions for various creative activities at the police station and ward level. From now on, all parents and all of us must play a leading role in protecting future generations.