June 18, 2021


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Today Episode, 28th May 2021, Written Update: Randheer speculates Veer! Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye,

The scene starts with Amrit is prepared to go through her entire time on earth with Randheer and she is really amped up for this. On the opposite side, Randheer additionally ponders something very similar. However, Veer has his own arrangements and he has been doing every one of these things to bring contrasts among Amrit and Randheer. While he is good to go to execute his arrangement and this will be debilitating for the love birds.Well, let us reveal to you that Ransheer has been now in the uncertainty that Veer is simply attempting to be decent while he isn’t and there is something different going on to him. On the opposite side, we will be going to see that Veer use o demand Amrit to hit the dance floor with him and he discloses to Amrit that he enjoys numerous things in her like her straightforwardness, faithfulness, and order. While I wish I get a young lady equivalent to you. He further says that you are so delightful and look dazzling in sarees alongside this you are shrewd and intellectual.Hence there is no young lady like you so I demand you to go to God for me so I can get a young lady like you.

Amrit answers to him that assuming I need to appeal to god, I will request him to send you the prettiest and smartest young lady than me. At that point Veer answers to her that there is no young lady more astute and prettier than you. Later he ska her imagine a scenario in which Randheer doesn’t come. Will you be there for me generally? At that point Amrit gets stunned and she attempts to disregard him instead of respond to him.

After this, we will see that everybody is hanging tight for Randheer at the supper and Rani Sa asks Veer where is Randheer? In the mean time, Ransheer comes there and the thugs use to beat him. Everybody at the eating table gets stunned and they are considering what’s happening there, Thus we will be going to see that Veer get prevailing in his arrangement while the inquiry is if Amit becomes acquainted with reality. To watch the full scene you need to set it on the Sony station.