June 20, 2021


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And only 6 goals, history is calling Ronaldo!

Cristiano Ronaldo is called the ‘great son’ of the record. CR Seven is on the field to turn the football record book upside down. This time he has the record of scoring the most goals in international football, leaving behind the legendary Ali Daiye.

This year’s Euro event will be held on June 11. The mission to retain the crown of Portugal, which won the title by defeating France in 2018, will start with the match against Hungary. Their other two opponents in Group E are Germany and France.

Ronaldo completed his ‘goal century’ in the national team jersey last September. He currently has 103 goals for Portugal. In 6 matches, he will touch the record of 109 goals scored by Ali Dai of Iran in international football.

Ronaldo has occasionally spoken a little about the record. As he said in 2019, he is interested in owning the record, “All records are made to be broken and I will break this record.”

Ronaldo used the selection of the Euro to meet the goal. He scored 11 goals in eight matches. Seven of those goals were against the ‘small team’ Lithuania. After scoring four goals in the first leg, he scored a hat-trick against the team in the second leg.

However, Ronaldo has spread the light in other tournaments after a long journey in international football. He scored a hat-trick in his first match against Spain in the 2018 World Cup. He also broke the ‘deadlock’ in the Euro 2016 semi-final match against Wales.

Ronaldo has scored in all of the eight top-level competitions he has played so far. He is getting a chance to prove himself against a big team at the beginning of this year’s Euro; Portugal will face Germany and France in their last two matches in the group stage.

Ronaldo was a symbol of Portugal’s dependence in the last Euros. He could not play the whole of the final due to injury. He left the field crying. He quickly returned to the dugout with treatment. He was more engaged in dugouts than coach Fernando Santos. His efforts to keep his teammates alive touched the hearts of football fans. Everyone saw Ronaldo’s hunger for success.

Ronaldo should be less responsible this time than when Portugal won its first major title in 2016. He had to handle everything in the attack with Ricardo Carisma and Eddie of the service. Ronaldo is accompanied by world-class forwards Joao Felix, Diego Jata, Bruno Fernandez and Andre Silva. Their combined presence will no doubt establish Portugal as a strong team. This will make the job easier for Ronaldo.