June 20, 2021


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Thoughts to extend ‘Lockdown’ for another 2 weeks

The nature of the coronavirus infection is still unclear. In this situation, the government is hesitant whether to extend the ongoing period of limited ‘lockdown’. Officials in the administration say the situation could spiral out of control if all restrictions are lifted now. Public health experts are also in favor of maintaining the ban for at least two more weeks.

The rate of corona infection is increasing in the border districts. Last Friday, more than half of the samples tested positive in Rajshahi. A seven-day special lockdown has been going on in Chapainawabganj district since May 25 due to an unusual increase in the detection rate. In this situation, the government is seriously considering increasing the limited lockdown.

According to the pre-announcement, the ongoing limited stage lockdown is ending at 12 noon on Sunday. The final decision was not known after talking to several officials of the Cabinet Division and the Ministry of Public Administration on whether it would be increased further. Multiple officials believe that loose lockdowns, no matter how much they are discussed, are doing a good job of controlling the infection. So it needs to run for a while longer.

MA Fayez, a former DG of the health department and a public health expert, told Kaler Kanth yesterday, “Although the infection is relatively low, we are not yet risk-free. The situation is still in the second wave. So now there is no chance to lift the ban. Instead, surveillance should be stepped up on other issues, including border areas. If the infection goes below 5 percent, it can be thought to be quite normal.

According to the relevant sources, many leaders and activists of the government party are involved in contracting work. They are demanding the opening of government offices at the policy-making level of the government. Recently, some leaders at the policy-making level have also hinted at not running a lockdown.

The second wave of coronaviruses began last March. Limited lockdown is offered from 5 April. After that the lockdown has been going on at different times. The 58-day lockdown is going to be completed on Sunday by changing the rules more than once. At present, government offices, all kinds of educational institutions, tourist centers, processions, meetings and gatherings are closed except for urgent needs. Shopping malls, shops are open. Public transport is running on the condition of leaving half the seats vacant. Some of the top policy makers in the government feel that such a lax lockdown still needs to be a bit. However, the government has to consider the demands that are being made to lift the lockdown from different levels. In particular, the demand for opening educational institutions has been widely raised. University students have taken to the field to demand this. Parents of primary and secondary school students are also angry.

On condition of anonymity, a cabinet official said, “The government is thinking of implementing a strict regional lockdown along with the loose lockdown.” Even from the policy-making stage of the government, it seems that the time has not come for everything to be normal now. Though there has been talk of opening a school-college recently, there are doubts as to how effective it will be. Education Minister at a ceremony held at the National Press Club yesterday. Dipu Moni said that she is getting more recommendations in favor of closing down the educational institution.