June 18, 2021


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The freedom fighters wanted to arrest Whip Shamsul

Freedom fighters have demanded the arrest of Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury for threatening to beat up an elderly freedom fighter. If his candidature is not revoked within 48 hours, a stern program has been announced, including a march towards the Prime Minister’s political office, protests and rallies across the country. The announcement was made at a human chain program organized by Bangladesh Muktiyuddha Mancha in front of the Raju sculpture at Dhaka University on Saturday afternoon.

The freedom fighters who took part in the human chain said that looking at the various activities criticized by the whip, it seems that Patia is not a part of Bangladesh, it is like an isolated island. It seems to be a territory of Pakistan. Freedom fighters across the country are upset over the way in which Whip Shamsul Haque has threatened a veteran freedom fighter for his controversial activities at different times. Insult of one freedom fighter has disgraced the freedom fighters of the whole country. He should be immediately removed from office and arrested.

Aminul Islam Bulbul, president of the central committee of the Muktijuddha Mancha, said, “The contribution of the freedom fighters in Patiya is not worth it. People will not accept what Shamsul Haque Chowdhury is doing. He is not a team that has not been associated with the team. He is playing tricks on the security of life and property of common people. As we saw a few days ago, a heroic freedom fighter threatened to take off his clothes and beat him. Besides, the name of Shamsul Haque comes up with every incident of misdeeds there. You have taken people hostage. One day people will answer you.

Chittagong Patia Upazila Muktijoddha Sangsad Commander and Awami League President Samsuddin Ahmed has been threatened to be stripped of his lungi by Jatiya Sangsad Whip and Chittagong Patia MP Shamsul Haque Chowdhury. Not only that, he has been accused of threatening to take off his lungi and go around the market. He is under attack by the Whip, his brother and son for his misdeeds. When a report on this issue was published in Kaler Kantha on May 26, a commotion started all over the country. The freedom fighters of the whole country, the leaders and activists of the Awami League and the common people became furious. The freedom fighters held a human chain program in protest of the threat to beat the freedom fighters and demanded the trial of Whip Shamsul Haque.

At the end of his life, freedom fighter Samsuddin never thought that a freedom fighter in Bangabandhu’s Bangladesh would be humiliated in this way. Whip Shamsul Haque, his brother and other cadres have been in insecurity since the threat. That freedom fighter Samsuddin Ahmed said, ‘I have been involved in Awami League politics since 1972. We have been most persecuted after the death of Bangandhu. I have been subjected to cruel torture during the Zia and Ershad governments. Even after that, he did not give up his team ideology. Now in my last years, I have been tortured by the whip again. Being a member of the Awami League, the Awami League has to endure torture while it is in power.

The freedom fighters present in the human chain drew the attention of the Prime Minister and further said, “Honorable Prime Minister, you see how the freedom fighters and the common people are being tortured in Patiya.” People are insecure to you and your party who are responsible for the security of their lives and property. All your achievements are fading for the Samsul Haqs. We are standing here demanding the trial of Shamsul Haque. ‘

General Secretary of the Liberation War. Al-Amin said: “Whip committed a heinous crime by speaking out against the anti-casino campaign. No action was taken against him at that time. His son Nazmul Karim Sharun has also become reckless at his behest. If their misdeeds had been tried earlier, now a freedom fighter would not have to be humiliated in this way. A freedom fighter has not only been stripped naked, he has also been threatened with death. How do they do this? ‘

Adviser of Muktijuddha Mancha, internationally renowned sculptor Rasha said, “They are carrying out controversial activities by showing thumbs up to the law and order of the country. People do not dare to open their mouths against them. A freedom fighter dared to protest their injustice. As a result, he had to be humiliated.

Demanding the cancellation of Whip Shamsul’s MP post as well as his arrest, Rasha said that he (Whip) could not be a member of the National Assembly in any way due to his unconstitutional activities. He is regularly committing crimes and showing audacity to stay out of justice. As a result, a reign of terror has been established in Patiya.

Mancha leaders said, “Immediate action should be taken against Whip Shamsul Haque and his son and brother. If necessary, the program will be given simultaneously all over Bangladesh. This protest will be intensified by bringing our leaders and workers together. Because the way the freedom fighters are being harassed cannot be tolerated. Unless exemplary punishment is provided against them, such incidents will continue to happen in the future.

The freedom fighters present in the human chain expressed their displeasure and said that the party of the spirit of the liberation war is now in power in the country. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is dedicated to the freedom fighters. He is taking various steps for the welfare of the freedom fighters. It is unthinkable that the freedom fighters of the country will be humiliated in this way during his rule. In order to tarnish all the achievements of the Prime Minister, some people like Whip Shamsul are illegally giving opportunities to the people of BNP-Jamaat. A freedom fighter had to be insulted while protesting against these misdeeds. There can be nothing more shameful than this.

“We want to tell the government that if you can’t punish these corrupt Kulanga human trafficking MPs, the people of the country will reject it,” they said. If those who liberated the country at the risk of their lives suffer insecurity, it cannot be tolerated in any way. The security of the freedom fighters must be ensured.

Leaders of Muktiyuddha Mancha Central Committee, metropolitan and university branches were present in the human chain.