June 20, 2021


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‘Warning to force the reopening of highways and open educational institutions

Students of seven colleges affiliated to Dhaka University have staged a human chain demanding opening of educational institutions and taking physical examinations and starting classes. It was demanded that the university be reopened by June 1. Otherwise, they warned that they would be forced to open educational institutions by making the highways unusable. The warning was given at a student program at Nilkhet corner of the capital on Sunday (May 31) at 12 noon.

The students participating in the human chain said that despite repeated assurances about opening educational institutions, the Ministry of Education is not making any preparations for opening educational institutions. They said that the educational institution should be opened within a day. If the educational institution is not opened, then the highway will be closed and the educational institution will be forced to open.

Criticizing the Education Minister, the students said that the Education Minister has been procrastinating for a long time. It is being discriminated against by the student. Just joking with the students. They said the education minister spoke as if the education ministry was Corona’s refuge. Everything is active in the country but educational institutions have been closed. They also demanded the resignation of the education minister if the university is not reopened by tomorrow.

The nature of the coronavirus infection is still unclear. In this situation, the notification has been issued by extending the period of the ongoing limited stage ‘lockdown’ by one more week.

The Cabinet Division issued the new notification on Sunday (May 30). It has also been informed that all the previous restrictions will remain in force.

Public health experts also agreed to keep the ban in place for at least two more weeks, but initially decided to extend the lockdown by one week.

According to the pre-announcement, the ongoing limited stage lockdown is ending at 12 noon on Sunday.

MA Fayez, a former DG of the health department and a public health expert, told Kaler Kanth yesterday, “Although the infection is relatively low, we are not yet risk-free. The situation is still in the second wave. So now there is no chance to lift the ban. Instead, surveillance should be stepped up on other issues, including border areas. If the infection goes below 5 percent, it can be thought to be quite normal.

The second wave of coronaviruses began last March. Limited lockdown is offered from 5 April. After that the lockdown has been going on at different times. The 58-day lockdown is going to be completed on Sunday by changing the rules more than once. At present, government offices, all kinds of educational institutions, tourist centers, processions, meetings and gatherings are closed except for urgent needs. Shopping malls, shops are open. Public transport is running on the condition of leaving half the seats vacant.

In addition, hotels, restaurants and food shops have the opportunity to provide services to half of the number of customers. All of these will remain in force in this year’s lockdown, the notification said.