June 20, 2021


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The dilapidated condition of the busiest road in Jinjira of Keraniganj

The present government is bringing the touch of development to all parts of the country. Although it continues in Keraniganj Upazila like the rest of the country, the picture of this busy road from the slope of Manu Bepari in Jinjira Union to Borhani Bagh Cemetery to Borhanibagh Culvert to Bhagna School and from Borhanibbagh Tiles Mosque to Muktirbagh is completely different. For about two-three years this road has been filled with two ditches. When it rains a little, it turns into a canal. There are a few villages and about a million people live here.

Keraniganj upazila is divided into two parliamentary seats. And in these two seats there is one MP and another state minister. As the place is the last border of the two seats, the locals complained that it did not catch the eye of any MP-Minister. There are also allegations against local leaders. According to the locals, the local leaders will walk through the rotten water and sewers through here every day. But they have no interest in repairing the road. They are there to pack their sugarcane.

Going to the ground, it can be seen that the whole road has been submerged in water. During the monsoon season, more or less mud and water can be seen on the roads. However, the picture of this road is completely different. Garbage water accumulates throughout the year. This road is used by thousands of people every day. 

Autorickshaw driver regularly plying on this road. Kalam Mia said hundreds of cars and thousands of people travel on the road every day. At present the road is almost impassable. The car overturned in the ditch and caused extensive damage. We have to spend a large part of what we earn every day on car repairs. The condition of the road has been bad for about 2-3 years. There is no one to see this road.

Nearby traders and locals complained that despite being an important road, rickshaws, motorcyclists and pedestrians find it difficult to walk. Minor accidents happen every day, yet local people’s representatives keep making promises. Despite the promises made by the people’s representatives, there is no misery. No initiative is being taken to reform permanently. But when the election came, they went with various promises. Because of their indifference, we the people are in a lot of trouble. We have to walk this path through this misery all the time. 

They also said that the stench of dirty water accumulated on the road could not be sustained. This dirty water causes a lot of problems for our small school-going children. Although the school-college is currently closed, so is Rorga. Due to the stagnant water for a long time, the infestation of mosquitoes and various insects is constantly increasing. Every day when you come home, you have to come across this foul smelling dirty water, as a result of which various types of skin diseases are lodged in the body. In this situation, by repairing the road, they sought the attention of the higher officials to save the common people including businessmen and students from suffering. 

Haji Mohammad, chairman of Kalindi Union Parishad. Mozammel Hossain said this road is the most important and busiest road in my union. The work was supposed to start 3-4 months ago. But it was no longer possible because of Corona. I have talked to our Upazila Chairman and Upazila Engineer several times about the road, I hope the country will have a beautiful road in a very short time as soon as the environment becomes normal. 

On the other hand, Sakura Hossain Saku, chairman of Jinjira Union Parishad, said work on the road could not be started due to coronavirus. Upazila Chairman Mr. Shahin Ahmed and Upazila Engineer Mr. Shahjahan Miah discussed the issue of this road. They said a sewerage line has already been laid on the road. The rest of the work will be completed very quickly.

Talking to Upazila Engineer Mr. Shahjahan Ali on his mobile phone, he said that the rest of the work will be done within this week. Hopefully, in the next one month, if the road is transformed into a full-fledged road, the suffering of the locals will be alleviated. 

In this regard, Upazila Chairman Shahin Ahmed said, the condition of the sewerage line on this road was not good. A permanent sewerage line has been installed here permanently. The rest of the work will be completed very soon. And if this work is done, this road will be one of the best roads in Keraniganj.