June 18, 2021


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Shawn told the two boys about the girls’ season

Humayun Ahmed-Meher Afroz Shaon couple’s two sons Nishad and Ninit. After the demise of Humayun Ahmed, Shaon is raising his two sons as his own. Mother Naota and her two sons also follow Shawn a lot. This time the mother explained to the boys that it is a traditional thing in the life of a girl.

Shawn posted a picture of himself with his two sons on Facebook. There he wrote, season .. not conspiracy – another season. It’s ‘menstrual cycle’.
The girls uttered this word with a very tender heart, with awareness. But still to many men it is a dirty, forbidden word.
Many girls still do not eat during the period on the day of fasting and the male members of the family even perform the fast in front of their children or father and brother.

The popular actress wrote, ‘When you go to buy a pad, you still have to lower your voice and look away and ask the shopkeeper. And the shopkeeper wrapped it in paper and handed it to him like a forbidden thing! ‘

He said, ‘Still on the streets or on public transport, when they see unwanted blood stains on their clothes, the talented boys make funny sarcastic remarks and laugh. Many daughters still can’t talk to their fathers about buying pads. The mother has to be the medium. ‘

The actress and singer thinks that many mothers tell their son about the menstrual cycle when he grows up. She tries to make that child sensitive to her sister, daughter, classmates and future female colleagues.

“I told my eldest son about it in detail when he was 11,” Shawn said. He knows that season is not a disease … it is not a forbidden thing. The season does not defile the girls. Rather the season carries the identity of motherhood.

Shawn writes, Yesterday (the day after tomorrow, Friday) was World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021. I told my little boy about tomorrow’s season. He said in a very simple manner- “Maa, next time when you’ll have your season, please let me know. I will help you with your chores. It must be very painful to do chores when you’re having season! ”