June 20, 2021


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1 million views in 11 hours

Mosharraf Karim has been working successfully on the TV screen for a long time. At the same time the popular film actress of this period is Tanjin Tisha. On Eid, the drama of two famous actors ‘The last was different’ has got 1 million views on YouTube in 11 hours. There is less such record in the country’s drama.

The play was released on May 26 on the YouTube channel of ‘G Series Bangla Natak’. After that the audience stumbled. Appreciation continues through social media.

Producer Sagar Jahan thanked the cast and crew of the play for this success. Sagar Jahan said, ‘The success of our work is the love of the audience towards drama. Gratitude to all the viewers who have contributed to this success of the play. At the same time gratitude to the actors and actresses in the play. This success will help us to do better in the future.

Earlier, some episodes of the serial drama ‘Bachelor Point Season 3’ recorded a record of 1 million views in 14 to 24 hours. And the drama ‘Twin 14’ published this Eid in 16 hours, ‘Bhaiya’ in 18 hours, ‘African Wife’ drama in 18 hours and ‘Middle class’ in the fastest time recorded a record of 1 million views. But Sagar Jahan’s play ‘The Last One Was Different’ left all behind and in 11 hours it reached a record of 1 million views

Someone hurts in love and someone puts love in that pain.” Speculation has started with four lines written by poet Deeksha Sumon. The poem was seen on Nusrat Jahan’s Instagram story on Friday. However, the question is whether Nusrat wants to convey Nikhil and Yash through this poem.

Nusrat married Nikhil Jain after getting a response from the fans. However, a lot has been heard about the Nikhil-Nusrat relationship for several days now. They are no longer seen together. He is rumored to be in a relationship with actor Yash. They have been seen together in different places.

Whether it was marital relationship or love with Yash, Nusrat did not listen to any buzz. And at this time, many people think that Nusrat’s Instagram story is quite significant