June 18, 2021


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Rudranil slapped him while giving relief

In West Bengal’s Bhabanipur constituency, he lost by a huge margin to Trinamool candidate Shobhandev Chatterjee. Although the actor was cordially invited to the campaign, after the result of the vote, the attitude of the people of that center towards Rudranil Ghosh changed!

Such an indication was found on Friday. BJP leader Rudranil Ghosh slapped Bhabanipur while distributing relief. The actor was shocked by the incident and approached the police. He also lodged a complaint with Kalighat police station.

On the same day, Rudranil went to Bhabanipur’s Ward No. 71 with some BJP workers and supporters to provide relief. That’s where the quarrel started. Local BJP workers were also there. Suddenly a slap came to the actor in the middle of it. He opened his glasses and fell to the ground. At first he was shocked.
In this incident, Rudranil has made the local grassroots leader stand on the fence. The star BJP leader has accused Trinamool leader Bablu Singh, a councilor in Ward 71, of assault. He then went to Kalighat police station and lodged a written complaint.

Meanwhile, the allegations have been denied by the Trinamool. Their counter-claim is, “Lies! Rudranil Ghosh was not beaten in any way. After the quarrel, it was sent with explanation. Who knows if the food he came to give contains poison? And he stood here to vote. He should know that the administration of Bhabanipur is electrified. The people here are getting all kinds of help. Why is he here to help? ”

Raising questions, he started arguing with Rudranil Ghosh. Shocked, Rudranil retorted, “Are there any rules for relief?” The Kalighat police have promised to look into the incident on the basis of a complaint filed by the BJP leader. Indian Express

Professor Achintya Kumar Bhowmik (6), the author of Khulna Betar’s popular drama ‘Aina’, is no more. He died in the ICU of Gazi Medical College Hospital in Khulna around 11:30 pm on Friday (May 26).

At the time of his death, he left behind numerous admirers, including his wife. He had been suffering from various complex diseases of old age including kidney, heart and lung problems for a long time. Achintya Kumar Bhowmik was childless.

Besides teaching at Professor Achintya Kumar Bhowmik College, he was a renowned lyricist, playwright, novelist and cultural personality. The death of this eminent cultural personality of Khulna has cast a shadow of mourning over the cultural arena.

Younger brother Apurba Kumar Bhowmik said he had been suffering from kidney, heart and lung problems for a long time. He was ill for three years. Water froze in the lungs. Our ancestral home is Bhatiapara in Gopalganj. His elder brother Achintya Kumar lived in Damudar of Fultala before the independence of the country. After being admitted to the hospital around 3:30 pm on Friday, he was taken to the ICU at 8 pm if his condition deteriorated. Died there at night. The body will be cremated at 12 noon on Saturday at Damudar crematorium in Fultala.

Mita Bhowmik, wife of Achintya Kumar Bhowmik, said she was a professor of Bengali in various colleges in Jessore and Satkhira, including Government Sundarbans College in Khulna and Suhrawardy College. The last time he retired from Suhrawardy College was in 2004.

Achintya Kumar Bhowmik used to portray the various problems, inconsistencies, errors, various types of crimes etc. in the society very nicely through the play ‘Aina’. The main attraction of the serial episode of Aina Natak was Surot. Apart from Surat, two other characters of Aina are ‘Ijjat’ and ‘Moyna Bhabi’. Surot’s skillful and lively performance was incomparable in portraying the real picture of various crimes of the society in a short status drama with a combination of three characters.

Mirror was a very popular event among the people of the South. Listeners do not have to be reminded on the scheduled day of the mirror broadcast, everyone is already sitting on the radio on Friday to listen to the mirror