June 18, 2021


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Unexpected response from ‘Mr K’

Director Wahid Tareq has made a telefilm called ‘Mr. K’ based on the novel ‘Nova Scotia’ by writer Mahbub Morshed. Perth Barua, Orsha, Sushma, Shahed and many others have acted in this special telefilm of ‘Banga Bob-Season One’. It has been airing on Banga BD since the 6th day of Eid on 19 May.

A statistician is helping his son to open a foreign bank account of a rich father. Will all the calculations match? Such a mystery will be solved in this telefilm.
When asked how ‘Mr. K’ is doing, Mr. Mushfiqur Rahman, Chief Content Officer of Banga, said, “I am getting good response from all the contents of ‘Banga Bob-Season One’.” Since Mr. K is a different story, I am also getting good feedback from the discerning audience. Just a few days, the content has been published. I think I will get better feedback in the future as the response has already been received.

Actress Nazia Haque Orsha said, “I am getting good response by acting in ‘Mr. K’. The response has been positive for me. What I like best is that Bangabd has worked based on native novels. It is commonly seen that foreign stories are constructed in their own way. We can have many kinds of stories of our own. We haven’t worked on our own stories for a long time. I applaud this. I had a confusion about Mr. K, the story is such that not everyone can understand it in a hurry. These stories are not understandable to everyone. Still getting quite a response. But I like this kind of story very much. ‘

Director Wahid Tareq said, ‘I am not through social media. Still getting a lot of phones making this telefilm. I was really surprised.

Literary writer Mahbub Morshed said, ‘Mr. K’ has received an unexpected response. As a writer I can say that it was very difficult to bring my story visually. But there have been some cuts to the story. Even then the director was able to visualize the story well. He deserves to be thanked for this. Especially Perth Barua, Sushma Sarkar, Arsha and everyone else have performed very well. All in all it was a good production. We have to give special thanks to Banga, because if Banga had not taken such an initiative from the book, we would never have seen this novel visually. This possibility would never come out. Since this telefilm was aired, many people have asked me to be Dr. I will write more about Anam. Many people are giving such ideas as if I should publish it as a series thriller. I see that too very positively. Got lots of responses, lots of phone calls, lots of messages on Facebook. Being reviewed,

Meanwhile, the discussion about ‘Mr. K’ also culminated through social media. A person named Mintu Shahzada wrote, ‘I saw’ Mr. K ‘made from the story of Mahbub Morshed on Bangabid.com. Great story. Everyone liked the performance. Perth Barua has gone from being a singer to being an extraordinary and influential actor day by day! What a wonderful performance! Sushma Sarkar is already my favorite actress. After telling the story, Mahbub Morshed leaves the reader in a trance. I like it very much