June 20, 2021


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Sajal-Faria Shahrin’s ‘You match me’

There are many complex paths in family life. Even if he doesn’t want to go on foot. Faria and Sajal’s happy family was also created in the same way. But no he did not stay happy long.

‘Natak Tomay Amay Mile’ will be aired on Maasranga Television at 10 pm on Friday. It is composed and directed by Tareq Rahman. Faria Shahrin Sajal has acted in two roles.

Tareq Rahman said, ‘Sajalak has played the role of a teacher here. Marital life was going well for them. Suddenly, his wife was diagnosed with cancer in his family. Actress Faria Shahrin has played the role of wife in the story. 

As can be seen in the story, Sajal has to work very hard to do the two things of teaching and his wife’s treatment together. In this respect the landlord’s daughter Seema likes him. Seema was divorced 2 years ago. Seema knows that Sajal’s wife has cancer, she will not live anymore. So hope is tied. Someone’s house falls, someone burns potatoes. Someone’s forehead burns, someone’s forehead opens – but will it be at all? Will that latent desire of the limit be fulfilled? 

If you want to know the answer, you have to keep an eye on the private satellite television at 10 pm tonight


Bollywood actor Ranbir Singh has started a discussion by buying a luxury ‘Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule’ car in Corona. He mentioned buying a new edition of Lamborghini two years ago. In the end, Ranbir’s dream came true. 

Ranbir bought this ‘Super SUV’ model from Lamborghini as soon as it came out. The ‘Candy Orange’ car will now be parked in his home garage. And its price is 3 crore rupees in Bangladeshi rupees, about 4 crore rupees.

There are also several other luxury cars in Ranbir’s garage. These include Mercedes GLS, Aston Martin Rapid S, Land Rover Vogue, Jaguar XJL, Audi Q5. Lamborghini’s super SUV has been added to that list.

Ranbir’s wife Deepika Padukone was recently attacked by Corona. After winning Corona, Deepika returned to Mumbai holding Ranbir’s hand Deepika was seen in a black dress at the Mumbai airport Both of them had masked faces However, they could not escape from the paparazzi if their faces were covered Pictures of Ranbir-Deepika airport quickly spread through social media