June 20, 2021


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It would have been better if it was 3-0: Shakib

Bangladesh ODI captain Tamim Iqbal called for ‘perfect’ cricket. Mahmud Ullah also said the same thing before the third ODI. But at the unveiling of Mohammedan’s jersey yesterday, Shakib Al Hasan said he was proud to have won the series. The world’s best all-rounder is not worried about his batting form.

After winning the first two matches, Bangladesh won the series against Sri Lanka. But Tamimra could not play the expected quality of cricket. They felt the same way. So after losing by a big margin in the third match, frustration was heard in the voice of the ODI captain. Shakib, however, preferred to win the series, ‘Of course, what we expected did not happen. But it must be ensured that this does not happen again. That’s what’s important. I think we won the series for the first time with Sri Lanka. Very good. Of course it would have been better if it was 3-0. ‘ After that, Shakib reminded an important thing, “But if Sri Lanka had played well, the result (of the series) could have been different.”

After the team returned from the ban, everyone is keeping an eye on Shakib’s bat. Shakib’s bat ‘did not speak’ in all three matches of the Sri Lanka series. He batted incredibly at number three in the 2019 World Cup. But Shakib, who returned to cricket after more than a year due to a ban and injury, does not have that power at bat. In response to a question, he said, ‘You have seen how it went. What is there to evaluate it? Of course, what I expected did not happen. But it can happen. We have to make sure that it doesn’t happen next time. ‘

Shakib Al Hasan felt comfortable to bat at number three in the national team. Getting into this position gives extra time. And the longer his quality batsman gets a chance to stay on the wicket, the more the team benefits. However, Shakib is probably not so worried about his batting position in club or franchise cricket. He played in the middle order in IPL. He is ready to bat in any position in Mohammedan’s jersey in the Dhaka Premier League starting tomorrow. I have no problem with him batting for three-four-five-six or at the end.

Speaking at the unveiling of Mohammedan’s jersey at an elite hotel in Dhaka, Shakib also expressed his hopes for the upcoming league. But the league is actually very long. It is important to go match by match here. Our first goal is to win the first match, since one game after another … It is very important to maintain consistency in the T20. We want to maintain continuity from the first match. It’s better to hold on. And in T20, there is not much difference between small team and big team. The one who plays well on a certain day will win. That is why it is very important to be consistent. 

Note that the Dhaka Premier League, which was postponed in March last year due to corona, is starting tomorrow. Absolutely new and in a new format: ODI will be replaced by T20

In the third and final ODI against visiting Sri Lanka, Tamim Iqbal expressed his dissatisfaction with the umpire’s decision and fined him. The Bangladesh ODI captain also got a demerit point with a penalty of 15 per cent of the match fee.

Tamim has been convicted of violating Article 2.3 of the ICC Code of Conduct. Tamim Iqbal did not like the umpire’s decision against him in the third ODI against Sri Lanka the day before yesterday. Even after the match, he said that he was 100% sure that the ball did not hit his bat. The match referee fined Tamim 15 percent of the match fee.

Tamim has pleaded guilty and has accepted the proposed approval of ICC match referee Niyamur Rashid. There was no need for a formal hearing.