August 4, 2021


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Corona test in Qatar, everyone on the football team is negative

Arriving in Qatar, the footballers went down to practice tomorrow. The good news is that Jamie Day has got everyone on the team in that practice. Because everyone has been negative in the corona test. There was no problem for Jamal Bhuiyan to fall on the field.

The national football team set foot in Doha at noon yesterday. After completing all the formalities at the airport, arrive at the hotel in the afternoon. In the evening every member of the team is tested for corona. That report came tomorrow afternoon. Earlier, the players did stretching at the hotel. After receiving a negative report, their field practice started in the afternoon. Bangladesh will play the last three World Cup qualifiers against Afghanistan, India and Oman on June 3, 6 and 15 in Qatar respectively.

The footballers played some matches in the second round of the league last month after returning from a tri-nation tournament in Nepal in March. The World Cup qualifiers were initially scheduled to be held in Qatar and later in Saudi Arabia, but this did not happen. In the end, Jamie’s team went to Qatar after training in Dhaka and playing a warm-up match against Sheikh Jamal. The national team drew 2-2 in the only match against Jamal. Jamie played in a 5-4-1 formation with three center backs in that match. Jamie went to this formula in the second half to handle the opponent after falling behind by two goals in the final of the tri-nation tournament in Nepal. As it was tested in the preparation match, it is assumed that the Bangladesh coach has taken a plan to stop the opponent in Qatar as well.

Meanwhile, Mahbubur Rahman and Mohammad Ibrahim could not go with the team as Corona was positive in the country. Saad Uddin got injured

Former Sri Lankan all-rounder TL Fernando has suffered a heart attack.

He has been admitted to Green Life Hospital in Dhaka. Fernando, 56, will soon have bypass surgery.

TL Fernando was at Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital from last Tuesday until this afternoon. He was transferred to Green Life Hospital this afternoon.

Fernando has been a regular performer in Dhaka club cricket for almost a century. The Sri Lankan cricketer has played for Abahani for most of his career. Fernando has been in Bangladesh for three years last year. Doing business in this country.

Former national team cricketer Sanwar Hossain admitted him to Bardem Hospital after receiving news of his illness. From there he was admitted to Green Life Hospital this afternoon.

Confirming the matter, Sanwar Hossain told the media, “I got a call from Fernando on Tuesday and went to his house.” She tells me I’m very sick. Talking later I know his chest pain. Ibrahim was immediately taken to the cardiac hospital. Later on angiogram several blocks were found in his heart. Bypass surgery is a must. So we brought it to Green Life Hospital. Since he has more ancillary problems including diabetes. So after a few days he may have to have bypass surgery