July 31, 2021


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Muslims in Andalusia in search of lost heritage in Spain

Muslims in Spain are trying to re-establish their lost Muslim heritage. Long after the fall of the Muslim rulers, the Islamic tradition was almost lost. However, the Spanish Muslims scattered in the surrounding countries still retain their traditions. Abdul Qadir Shalier, director of the Islamic Cultural Center overseeing the Great Mosque in the southern Spanish city of Granada, said:

She was born in 1960, she told the Turkish-based news agency Anadolu. Both his parents are Muslims. His father, an American citizen, converted to Islam in the 1980s after traveling to Konya, Turkey. After returning to his homeland, a Muslim woman of Mexican descent met his mother and married him. 

Shelley said she and her family live in Granada, one of the cities in Andalusia. He came here when he was only 9 years old. Earlier, they also lived in England and Albania. He was appointed director of the Islamic Cultural Center in Andalusia four years ago. 


Expressing his fascination with the historic Al Hamra Palace next to the Great Mosque, Sheryl said, “The Al Hamra Palace is one of the symbols of the Muslim tradition in Andalusia. The Muslims ruled Andalusia from 611 to 1492 for about 800 years. Although he had the opportunity to visit all the time, every time he looked at the palace, he felt delight. 

Al-Hamra visitors cry: Schiller added that it has a huge impact on Muslim visitors to Granada and Al Hamra palaces. Many visitors imagine Islamic culture and traditions and cry when they see it. 

Visitors from all over the world come here. They are fascinated by the immortal architecture of history and its impact on the world. These were once associated with Muslim rule. These lands of Muslim tradition are now merely a place of lost memories. 

Schiller added that many people know the historical background of Al Hamra Palace. However, there is no clear idea among the Spaniards. Because five hundred years ago, all the monuments associated with Islam and Muslims here were removed by the Catholic emperors. 

He added that in 1492, the rulers burned all the books of the Morisco Muslims. Many important books, including copies of the Holy Qur’an, including architecture, art and agriculture, were burned at the Pyrambala Square in Granada. This is another black chapter in world history. The archives of the Muslims living in Granda were also burnt down. Numerous mosques and madrasas were also set on fire. 


After a long time, all traces of Islam were removed in Andalusia and Spain. The current Muslim generation is working to bring back the lost tradition of Islam in Andalusia. They want to bring back the Muslim tradition in their daily activities. Respecting the current way of life and stability, they want to restore the burnt history and tradition. 

Most of the Muslims currently living in Spain live here as immigrants in search of a livelihood, Schaller said. It has become very difficult for the new generation of Muslims to present Islamic teachings. The second and third generations of Muslim families were deprived of learning Islam. This is because Spanish government institutions are slowly embracing Islam compared to other European countries. Moreover, the integration of Muslims into Spanish society was delayed. 

Schiller is one of the second generation of Muslims living in Spain. Since the dispersal of the Muslims from Andalusia, everything related to Islam has been removed. Basically, in all areas of Spain, the government is following the policy of suppressing Islamic traditions and beliefs. However, it is not easy to delete everything. 

Schiller said Spanish government agencies want to change some aspects of Islam so that Muslims can be accepted socially. But it is undeniable that many things can never be changed. This is the main reason for the conflict. Of course not everyone realizes that. In reality, the effect is much greater. 

However, Schiller hopes that one day Islam will be fully involved in all areas of Spain. Even in the layers of daily life, Islam will merge. As in the case of England, France and Germany. But the issue is time consuming and requires patience