June 20, 2021


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BNP leader Aslam Chowdhury granted bail in two cases

BNP joint secretary general and former convener of Chittagong Metropolitan North District Mohammad Aslam Chowdhury has been granted bail by the High Court in two cases. The High Court granted bail to Aslam Chowdhury in two separate cases filed in Dhaka Kotwali and Shahbagh police stations in 2013 on charges of sabotage. This bail is granted until the regular court is opened.

A High Court bench of Justice Jahangir Hossain Selim and Justice Mohi Uddin Shamim on Sunday granted bail to Aslam Chowdhury. Hasibur Rahman was the lawyer for Aslam Chowdhury. Deputy Attorney General was on behalf of the state. Md. Bashir Ullah. Deputy Attorney General. Md. Bashir Ullah said the High Court would appeal for stay of the bail.

Two separate cases of sabotage were registered at Kotwali Police Station in Dhaka on February 23, 2013 and at Shahbagh Police Station on April 22 of the same year. Prisoner Aslam Chowdhury was shown arrested in these two cases on January 11. Aslam Chowdhury was arrested on May 15, 2016 from Khilkhet area of ​​Dhaka. He has been imprisoned ever since. At the time, he was accused of conspiring with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad to overthrow the current Awami League government

Two people have been killed in a shooting by gunmen in Miami, USA. Besides, at least 20 others were injured. Local time on Saturday night, three people suddenly got out of the car and started firing indiscriminately at the people. The three gunmen later fled the scene in their used vehicles. Police were unable to detain them. However, Miami police said that they are trying to arrest the accused.

The condition of one of the injured is critical. Some of the injured are being treated at various local hospitals. This is the second gunman attack in Miami this week. Earlier, one person was killed in a gun attack last Friday. At least 6 people were injured.

New arms laws have recently been approved in the southwestern U.S. state of Texas. Under that law, anyone in Texas can now carry a pistol in public without a license. You don’t even have to carry a pistol for any kind of training. However, in this case also the age constraint has been kept. Only those over 21 years of age will get this facility. However, law enforcement agencies are opposed to the measure. They claim that carrying weapons in public will cause chaos in Texas. Which is a threat to the police and the public