June 18, 2021


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‘Commodity prices are going beyond the purchasing power of the common man’

Jatiya Party Chairman and Deputy Leader of the Opposition Janbandhu Ghulam Mohammad Quader MP said that the prices of essential commodities are going beyond the purchasing power of the common man. There is a suppressed wail among the common people. But the government has nothing to do with indifference.

In a statement today, Jatiya Party chairman Golam Mohammad Quader said traders had increased soybean oil by Tk 12 per liter on the pretext of rising prices in the world market. Besides, prices of food items including rice and pulses have also gone up. But millions of people have lost their jobs and become unemployed. The income of millions of people has decreased.

In a statement, Jatiya Party chairman Ghulam Mohammad Quader further said that sometimes some food products are sold to the poor through TCB, which is insufficient compared to the demand. In the current context, TCR is not able to supply more than the demand for any product. As a result, it is not possible to control the market with subsidies through TCB. That is not desirable in a free market economy. This is because even if there is an immediate drop in prices, in the long run the situation may go so far that ordinary traders will be discouraged from marketing and the supply of goods will be uncontrollable due to shortage of supply. TCB’s aim should be to sell affordable daily necessities only as a subsidy to help the underprivileged. However, it is necessary to ensure that this assistance reaches all the poor and the newly poor.

The market needs to be controlled by ensuring the availability and supply of products according to the planned demand. There are two things that need to be monitored with special focus. The first is that suppliers create syndicates within themselves to take control of market prices and not raise prices as they wish in the process. The second is that suppliers should not be forced to pay bribes repeatedly at different stages. This makes it impossible for them to sell at a fair price. These are the main reasons for the current market price increase, according to various sources. GM Quader remarked that without supervision and action on the above issues, it would never be possible to control the rise in commodity prices by relying solely on TCRs or by running mobile courts and jailing them

Professor Dr. has been appointed as the Uparchya of the National University. Md. Mashiur Rahman. His Excellency the President and Chancellor of the University has appointed him for this position for the next four years. Abdul Hamid. The Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education issued a notification for the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor on Sunday.

Professor. Mashiur Rahman is a former Vice Chancellor of the University and a teacher in the Department of Sociology at Dhaka University.  

Chittagong University Department of Sociology. Mashiur Rahman’s teaching life began. He holds a PhD from the University of Lund in Sweden. He completed post-doctoral research from the same university. His home is in Mirhar village of Nalchiti upazila of Jhalokati district.