June 20, 2021


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Demands justice for those who beat the youth who demanded embankment

A human chain program has been observed in the incident as two volunteers of the coast were physically assaulted after they became enraged at the movement after wearing shrouds demanding the construction of a sustainable embankment on the Satkhira coast. Advocate Ataur Rahman, chairman of Padmapukur UP in Shyamnagar, and Alamgir Hossain, section officer of Paubo, were tried.

The protest rally was organized by the joint social organization Jote in front of Satkhira Press Club on Sunday afternoon. Moinul Amin Mithu, Coordinator, Satkhira Blood Foundation, and Gazi Azad, Senior Member, We Friend, spoke on the occasion. Sheikh Harun-ur-Rashid, Deputy Editor, The Editors, Hafizur Rahman Masum, Editor, Daily Satkhira, Shakil Hossain, volunteer Hossain Ali, our friend members Fahad Hossain and Shakib Hossain.

The speakers said that the people of Satkhira coast have been living in extreme insecurity since Ayla as the embankment on the coast has become dilapidated. The coastal area is becoming uninhabitable as sustainable embankments have not been built for a long time. The people’s representatives should be happy if the locals take initiative for sustainable embankment for the safety of life and property of the people of that coast. But his exception was in Padmapukur. When the movement started, UP chairman Ataura Rahman got angry and insulted the volunteers. And Paubo officials threatened to imprison the volunteers. But why? Surely, if there is a sustainable embankment, their embankment-centric bread will be closed.

The speakers warned of a strong movement if those involved in the humiliation of climate fighters Shaheen Billah and Yasser Arafat were not brought under the law within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, human chain and protest meetings have been held in Satkhira’s Tala to protest the humiliation of Shaheen Billah and Yasser Arafat, known as climate fighters. The protest meeting was held in front of the post bungalow at Satkhira’s Tala on Sunday morning demanding the same.

Local UP chairman Ataur Rahman and Paubo official Alamgir Hossain beat up two climate activists in front of hundreds of people on Saturday as they staged a sit-in protest wearing shrouds demanding a sustainable embankment to protect life and property on the Satkhira coast.