June 20, 2021


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Not heart disease, Salam was killed by his brother; Testimony in court

After four long years, the PBI has revealed the secret of the sensational Salam murder in Mithapukur, Rangpur. Salam died of a heart attack, but his brother Ibrahim Mia killed him. When police arrested him last Thursday, he made a confessional statement about his involvement in the murder of his brother Salam.

According to PBI and case sources, the body of Salam (48), son of late Nur Islam, was found on the road near his house in Khorapachha Uttarpara (Kuthipara) area of ​​Mithapukur on the evening of June 24, 2016. Mominul Islam, the victim’s son, filed a murder case with the Mithapukur police station, but Salam’s brother and other accused reported that he had died of a heart attack.

Mithapukur Thana Police and Rangpur CID conducted investigations in phases and CID submitted the final report to the wise court on false pretenses. Following the plaintiff’s displeasure, the wise court directed PBI Rangpur to conduct further investigation. Under the overall supervision and direction of PBI DIG Banaj Kumar Majumder, PBI Rangpur District Superintendent of Police ABM Zakir Hossain led the investigating officer SI Asim Kumar Pal to investigate the case and his brother Ibrahim Mia (55) was directly involved in the incident. On Thursday, Khoragach did it on the basis of secret news from Uttarpara (Kuthipara) area.

After a long investigation and interrogation of the accused, it was learned that about four years ago, Ibrahim’s wife and son had a quarrel with Salam and his wife over eating goat banana saplings. Ibrahim and Salam were not at home at the time. After hearing the Salam incident, one of them went to Mostafa’s house to give justice. Ibrahim was also arrested there. When an argument broke out between them, Golam Mostafa stopped their two brothers and asked them to come after Tarabi’s prayers. On the way home from there, the two started arguing again. At one stage of the pushing and fighting, Salam fell to the ground, lost consciousness and died.

In this regard, PBI Rangpur District Superintendent of Police ABM Zakir Hossain said, the case was handed over to PBI Rangpur for investigation along with some important observations of the wise court. Very important clues are found from the inquest of the deceased. During the intensive investigation of the case, the accused Ibrahim was arrested on the basis of some public and secret evidence. When he was handed over to the wise court last Friday, Ibrahim Mia gave a confessional statement in the murder of his brother Salam.