June 18, 2021


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This guy will bring Salman down the street after finishing his career!

Kamal and Khan. This time, the self-proclaimed film critic warned by tweeting without naming his name – he will end Salman Khan’s career. Bring ‘Vaijaan’ down the street properly!

Kamal and Khan are not doing anything wrong by trying to stay in the news as much as they can by absorbing the spotlight from the controversy. Of course, this is his nature. Bollywood is abuzz with the recent legal correspondence of ‘Vaizhan’ in response to his insulting remarks surrounding Salman Khan and ‘Radhe’. Naturally, then who gets Kamal! The self-proclaimed film critic has submitted new statements and demands one after another by tweeting from YouTube videos. It is good to know that Salman has just filed a defamation suit against Kamal and Khan. Accordingly, the lawyer of ‘Vaijaan’ has also sent a legal notice to Kamal and Khan. However, after receiving a legal notice, he said that the Bollywood star had taken such a step as he could not bear his criticism about the film ‘Radhe’. In response, the other side said, The legal action was taken due to false allegations in Salman’s name and vulgar remarks on a personal level. After that, Kamal and Khan became furious. This time, Kamal and Khan warned that they will end Salman Khan’s career.

In this context, what Kamal and Khan wrote in the tweet means’ I heard that he has ended the careers of many people. Whoever speaks against him, he gives up his work. But you only saw the dove, you didn’t see the trap. I am that trap. I’ll take his career down the road in one fell swoop! “

Recently, Kamal and Khan further claimed that many Bollywood personalities have come to Salman’s side in this ‘fight’. He gave her confidence from the other side of the phone. In the words of Kamal and Khan, those sacrificial personalities have told him that they cannot do what he wants even if they want to. Because they do not have the courage to fight directly with Salman. In fact, who wants to make Salman an enemy. So now he will continue this fight with Salman only for ‘them’, said Kamal and Khan