June 18, 2021


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The hero behind Chelsea’s Champions Trophy win is an Indian!

Chelsea have won the Champions League for the second time, beating Manchester City. Thomas Tuchel’s side have won the European Trophy with the only goal from Kai Hawartz, who has never been caught in the Champions League before. However, one Indian has also contributed to this victory. He, Vinay Menon of Kerala.

According to Indian media Anandabazar, Menon works as a Wellness Consultant and Mind Strategist for Chelsea. After completing his M.Phil in Sports Psychology, he moved from Kochi to Hrishikesh to work. Binoy has also worked in Dubai. From there he moved to England. Vinay was a personal health consultant to Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. Roman later took him to Chelsea.

Humility had nothing to do with football before him. He learned judo as a child. He has also represented Kerala at the state level. Later, Binoy started working on yoga exercises. Angolo Katen, Timo Werner and Kai Hawartz have become stronger mentally with his advice

Meanwhile, after 9 years, one of the heroes of Chelsea’s Champions League victory, the only goal scorer, the overwhelmed Hawartz has not yet overcome the surprise. “I don’t know what to say. I’ve worked hard for 15 years to make this moment come true,” he said.

Cesar Athpilicoeta, the five-faced Chelsea captain, praised Hawartz. His response was, “Hawartz plays football with the best mentality. I’m sure this boy will one day become a superhero.” The Chelsea captain added: “I came to play for this club in 2012. I wanted to make my favorite club in Europe at least once again. So I will never forget this day.”

Although Havartz scored the only goal in the final, Angolo Kante got the award for the best match. “I’ve never had so much fun. I’m proud to have made the club the best in Europe. The whole thing is amazing to me. I’ve got the hard work throughout the season today. We have endured suffering. We have fought together. The reward for this is victory. “

Conte was one of the members of the France team that won the World Cup in 2016. He also played a key role in Chelsea’s Europa League championship the following year. New coach Thomas Tuchel is credited with many of Chelsea’s successes. Roman Abramovich replaced Frank Lampard with the German in January.

Praising Tuchel, Kante said, “The new manager changes the way we play. So, like the footballers, Thomas has the credit of being the champion.”

The Chelsea coach said: “Honestly, there’s nothing I haven’t done in a match. I have worked tirelessly. I haven’t been able to keep track of how many times Man City have snatched the ball from the footballers today. – Tried to get him. I’m lucky, I finally got him at Chelsea. “