June 20, 2021


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Corona test with saline results in three hours

Corona test can be done more easily with saline. This newly invented method is much simpler than the RT-PCR method currently used to test corona. It does not require any trained health workers. Many people have problems collecting samples from the nose and throat in the current method. The new method will not have this problem. Corona test results can be obtained within three hours from saline water cooled by mouth.

The new method was invented by a team of scientists led by Krishna Khairnar, a scientist at the Environmental Engineering Research Institute in Nagpur. ICMR has also approved the new method. Khairnar posted a video on Twitter about how the new method will be tested. He

Anyone can collect samples in this way. Saline water will be kept in a tube. You have to rinse the mouth with that water for 15 seconds. Then you have to put it in that tube. This is the method of collecting samples. The sample should be taken to the lab and mixed with another buffer solution and kept at room temperature for about half an hour. The RNA can then be obtained by boiling the liquid sample at a temperature of 96 degrees Celsius for six minutes. And from that it can be easily known whether the person concerned is affected by corona or not.

The new method makes it possible to test the corona very easily and in less time, said Khairnar. In rural areas, especially in small ethnic areas, it is possible to test the corona of many people at once.