June 18, 2021


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Hefazat leaders embezzle grant money

Mamunul Haque, the joint secretary general of the now defunct central committee of Hefazat-e-Islam, and Monir Hossain Kasemi, the finance secretary, have embezzled donations from madrassa students and Rohingyas. Hefazat leaders collected the money from the expatriates for humanitarian assistance. However, they have embezzled the grant without giving it to students or Rohingyas.

The Detective Branch (DB) of the police has received information of financial fraud including a transaction of Tk 6 crore as Mamunul’s bank. Apart from this, the investigators have found the involvement of several leaders of Hefazat in the recent sabotage. The investigation of some cases is also at the final stage.

Joint Commissioner at the DB office on Sunday. Mahbub Alam gave this information to inform the progress of the investigation.

“We have recently arrested several Hefazat leaders,” the DB official told reporters. Progress has been made in the investigation of many cases through arrests. In the meanwhile, I am closely monitoring the financial affairs of Hefazat and checking and sorting the documents. He said that apart from Mamunul Haque’s transaction as a bank, several accounts of Monir Hossain Kasemi, the finance secretary of the recently dissolved Hefazat Committee, have also been found. They are also under investigation.

DB Joint Commissioner Mahbub Alam further said that expatriates donate to Madrasa or Madrasa-students for various purposes. They also donate for the Rohingyas. Apart from this, some money for custody also comes from abroad. After the money came from abroad, the leaders did not use it properly. They used to spend after taking the money as they wished. They have used this money for political activities. Hefazat also used the money of Rohingyas for their own work. They have embezzled huge amount of money. Hefazat leaders have built their own houses with the money.

Citing the investigation, the official said the madrassa organization Befaq or Hayatul Ulaya is a very important organization; But these organizations are also being held hostage by Hefazat. As a result, these organizations are not able to conduct their proper activities. Such money is going into the hands of those who are in control of money or those who are controlling politics. Again in some cases they are the owners of this money. He also said that there may be separate cases on these issues.

Mahbub Alam said, ‘We are investigating 14 cases of 2013. Besides, we have received several new cases. He said that the investigation report of the case will be submitted to the court soon.

Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque was arrested along with women in Sonargaon after he was sabotaged by protests and hartals surrounding Narendra Modi’s visit. Police later arrested him in an old case.