June 20, 2021


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How to keep the elderly well?

Everyone’s life is ruined by Corona. However, statistics show that anxiety is more prevalent among the elderly. Because the elderly are most at risk for corona. And all the elderly are affected by some or the other disease. As a result, the mercury of thought is increasing in the elderly. But now the question is how to keep the elderly mentally healthy? Psychiatrists have given their opinion in this regard.

1) Make room for adults to speak their minds. Many times it is not possible to listen to the elderly due to busyness.

2) When adults talk, listen carefully. There may not be opportunities at all. But it can put pressure on them.

3) Help them to do the necessary work of daily life. Adjust the time of eating or taking medicine. Discuss what books might be good to read.

Psychiatrists say that the elderly do not mean to discuss difficult things, not that. Talk to them about anything other than corona problems. He arranges for the elders to talk to the people of their choice, to tell stories.