June 20, 2021


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The ban on Bangladeshis entering Italy increased

The country has extended the ban on entry to Italy from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka to prevent coronavirus infection. As a result, no one from these three countries will be able to enter Italy. However, the ban will not apply to Italian citizens.

According to Deutsche Welle, Italy imposed the ban on citizens of Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka at the end of last April to deal with the Indian type of Kavid. It was effective until Sunday (May 30). On the same day, the country decided to increase the ban again. This period has been extended till June 21. A spokesman for Italian Health Minister Roberto Sperrance said in a statement.

Earlier, in July last year, a significant number of passengers from Dhaka were infected with coronavirus, prompting the Italian authorities to suspend all flights from Bangladesh. Bangladeshis were banned from entering the country last October.

On May 29, Italy again barred citizens of India and Sri Lanka, including Bangladesh, from entering the country. The decision was made after the corona of 23 of the 213 passengers on a flight from India was identified at the time.

Late last year, a new type of corona called B.1.617 was introduced in India. This is considered to be one of the reasons for the severe spread of Corona in the country

Dipta TV and Dipta TV’s YouTube channel is coming ‘Sultan Suleman. It will be aired on Dipta TV at 10 pm and on Dipta TV’s YouTube channel at 11 pm.

The Ottoman Empire of Turkey ruled the world for about seven hundred years. The golden age of this empire was from the sixteenth to the seventeenth century under the leadership of Sultan Suleiman. This mega-serial is about the conspiracies of the Ottoman Empire in the tug of war, the assassinations, the murders of brothers, the killing of children and the abolition of slavery. 

Here comes to life the story of an ordinary maid becoming an empress by tying the Sultan in a net of love. His rivals were Mahidevran Sultan, Suleiman’s first love, Ayesha Hafsa Sultana, Suleiman’s mother, a childhood friend of the Sultan and later the head of the empire, Ibrahim Pasha. 

The popular Turkish mega serial ‘Sultan Suleiman’ based on the life of Sultan Suleiman will be aired for the first time on Dipta TV’s YouTube channel.