June 20, 2021


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The way Tamanna’s coronation has passed

Corona is not doing well at this time. Not even South Indian actress Tamanna Bhatia. He also did not escape from the corona infection. After recovering, he went back to work and went through a new experience. He shared the experience with everyone.

Tamanna said she had been in rehabilitation for the first two months after being attacked by Corona. There was not much opportunity for physical activity at this time. He became very weak. It took him a long time to return to normal life. Tamanna thinks vaccination is very important to deal with corona. “I know there is a lot of talk about vaccines,” he said. But I think the only way for all of us to work together is to get vaccinated. ‘

Tamanna and her family have had a difficult time. He spent days reading books and spending time with his family. Tamanna said, ‘At this time of technological advancement, we have forgotten the communication between ourselves. But in Corona, as a family, we read and discussed motivational and spiritual books together. ‘

Tamanna Bhatia has played the role of Anuradha Ganesan in the November Story web series. In this picture he is a hacker. It’s time. In the context of this platform, he said, ‘It is true that as long as cinema halls are not being opened, most of the content will be kept digital. However, web series and OTT are different types of entertainment. And watching movies is part of our larger culture. ‘

For the first time, Tamanna took part in a Telangana language film. He has played the role of Kabaddi coach Jawala Reddy in the sports drama Setimer. Tamanna said, ‘I have dubbed in Telugu before in F3. But this is the first time in Telangana style. Director Resources Nandi asked me to dub one shot. When I gave the trial, my confidence increased and I decided I would continue. I continue to enjoy the matter. The resources, of course, helped me a lot.

Tamanna will be seen in the movie Maestro. This is a Telugu remake of the 2016 hit film Andhadhun. Here Tamanna can be seen in the role played by Tabu in Andhadhun.