June 20, 2021


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Olivia Rodrigo is a big surprise in the music world

That happened again six years later. After the release of Sam Smith’s debut album In the Lonely Hour in 2015, both album and solo songs topped the list. This time Olivia Rodrigo set that record. The world is going to get another music star after Billy Elish. The 18-year-old American artist’s debut album has caused a stir on two continents. His albums have set a number of records in both the United States and the United Kingdom, beating the megastars.

Olivia’s first album Sauer was released on May 21. This is the most ‘streaming’ album in the first week of release this year. In the first week of release, the album Sawar has been bought 51 thousand times online. This is the highest in the last two years. Not only that, in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom, Olivier’s album and the song ‘Good for You’ have been ‘first’ in both the categories. Olivia is the youngest musician to make it to the top two in the UK.

Earlier, UK music star Lewis Capaldi was named as the youngest record holder. This time Olivia snatched the record in her own name. The song ‘Good for You’ has been viewed 68 million times since its release on YouTube on May 14.

Actor Olivia’s journey to music begins with the song ‘Driver’s License’. After the release of this song, many people of world music have moved. Since its release on January 6, the song has been viewed 216 million times on YouTube. The Official Charts Company has already announced that Olivia is the biggest surprise in the music world this year.

The Ninth Liberation Dockfest-2021 is starting from June 6. The fair of documentaries on liberation and humanity will continue till June 12. This year’s festival is being organized online to mark the 50th anniversary of independence and the 25th anniversary of the Liberation War Museum. The Liberation War Museum organized the festival of this documentary titled ‘Liberation and Human Rights’.

Due to the recent Corona epidemic, it is not possible to hold the festival on the premises of the Liberation War Museum. So the festival is planned to be organized online. Like every year, this year too, documentaries on the liberation and human rights of various countries have been submitted at the festival.

So far, more than 1,900 people from 112 countries have submitted to the festival. From there, 119 selected documentaries will be screened in and out of the competition. Pictures will be displayed in several branches at the festival. Of these, 9 pictures will be displayed in the international competition section.

Ahead of the Golden Jubilee of Independence and the Silver Jubilee of the Liberation War Museum, there are several events in the festival. There is also a ‘curated exhibition’ of documentaries on the liberation war made in the last five decades. Besides, documentaries on the previous liberation war made by the Liberation War Museum will be displayed.
As in other times, a grant has been given for the documentary. A total of four films in two categories have been selected for the grant. The event is called ‘Exposition of Young Film Talent: Story Telling Workshop for Documentary Film Maker.’ Assisted in organizing ‘Dhaka Docklab’ (Documentary Market). Indian documentary maker and teacher Nilotpal Majumdar and several other documentary makers have conducted the event.

The festival features a five-day documentary screening as well as a number of online panel discussions. According to the festival director, the panel discussion was organized to find out the real situation of where filmmaking, especially documentary production and practice has come to stand in Bangladesh in the last 50 years. There will be panel discussions along with photo exhibitions every day.