June 20, 2021


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The vice-chancellor in charge of RBI has been blocked by ‘illegal’ recruits

Ad-hoc recruits have blocked top officials of the administration, including the vice-chancellor (routine duties) and vice-chancellor of Rajshahi University, demanding to join the workplace. They are currently staying in the conference room of Vice-Chancellor (Routine Duties) Professor Anand Kumar Saha.

Earlier on Monday (May 31) morning, the recruited BCL members took position on the campus. At around eleven o’clock, the recruits entered the Vice Chancellor Professor Anand Kumar Saha Administration Building. Administrative officials are under siege at the time of writing.

Asked about this, Atiqur Rahman Sumon, a former member of the Central BCL and former vice-president of the RU BCL, said, “We joined on May 8. When the campus opened, we came to join our office. But the vice-chancellor, who is in charge of the routine, has suspended his participation outside the rules. Although he says the ministry ordered the suspension, they could not show any documents. So we blocked the demand to join.

“I have been taking a double dose of yoga for the last several decades,” said yoga guru Ramdev at an event in India. That’s enough for me. Corona ticker is not required. In the future, the acceptance of Ayurveda will increase all over the world.

Also criticizing the treatment of allopathy, Ramdev said, ‘Allopathy has failed to stop so many people losing their lives in Corona for the last 15 months. This proves that allopathy cannot give a complete cure. 100 crore Indians and later the whole world will adopt Ayurveda in the future. A section of the society is now deliberately ignoring Ayurveda.

Note that in a viral video of Ramdev, the controversy over the criticism of allopathy treatment started. Ramdev is heard saying in the video that so many people are dying in Corona for allopathy treatment. In another video, the yoga guru also questioned the effectiveness of the corona tick.
Officials of the Indian Medical Association were outraged by these speeches. The IMA has already sent a public apology and legal notice to the yoga guru.

Anti-social activities are being conducted in some of the identified residential hotels in Sylhet. Police raided the place and arrested the men and women, but the hotel owner and others remained out of reach. There is no way to curb this malpractice in multiple police operations.

Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner Nisharul Arif said they were working to bring the owners of these hotels under the law very soon. Police are also monitoring the activities of residential hotel owners.

Anti-socialism has been going on for a long time in some special residential hotels in Sylhet. This unethical business is carried on in these hotels by bringing women from different parts of the country including the capital Dhaka. As a result, the owners of those hotels are flourishing. Recently, the police administration of Sylhet is in a very strict position in this regard.
The Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner said the Airport Bypass Road is a very busy road. Lots of trucks ply on this road at night. And the road is only two lanes. The road is congested at night due to the pressure of vehicles. The duty of the traffic police ended at 11 pm. Later we tried to work with the police. There are some problems. However, this problem will be solved.

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