June 19, 2021


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Sheikh Ahmed Xavier dies in the Philippines

Sheikh Ahmed Javier, 42, a prominent Islamic figure in the Philippines, has died of a heart attack. He died on Sunday (May 30). He was a devoted figure in the propagation of Islam among all classes in the Philippines.

Shaykh Ahm Xavier converted to Islam when he was only 14 years old. When he came to Mahad Al Maarif, a famous Islamic educational institution in the Philippines, he was fascinated by the teachings of Islam. He graduated from the institute in 2000 with a degree in Islamic studies after three years.

After studying Islamic studies, Ahmed began teaching at the Islamic Information Center on Taft Avenue in Manila. Different classes of people used to come to him to read about Islam. He taught at this institution for about four years.
He began his career as an imam at the Ibn Abbas Mosque in Calocan City, Philippines. During this time he established a service organization called Islam in Focus Production. Under his supervision, he started various service activities including broadcasting Islamic programs on the radio, organizing various events and discussion programs.

Notably, Ahmed was appointed as the first Philippine representative of Xavier’s Islamic Online University. Most recently he was elected Chief Adviser to the Connect Institute Philippines. However, most of the time he was busy discussing Islam and Dawah in the mosque. Source: Ahmed Xavier.com

The coronavirus is causing new panic around the world. In such a situation, the travel ban imposed by Italy in April for several South Asian countries, including Bangladesh, has been extended.

A statement from the country’s health ministry said on Sunday that citizens of Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka would not be able to travel to Italy until June 21.

However, Italian citizens will not be subject to this ban.

Incidentally, Italy imposed sanctions on South Asian countries in late April to curb the Indian type of corona. It was supposed to end on Sunday.

A statement from the country’s health ministry on April 29 said, “The ministry has signed an executive order barring any person who has been in or is becoming Bangladesh for the last 14 days from entering through any border area.”

Last year, during the first wave of coronavirus infection, travelers from Bangladesh were banned from entering Italy.

The new song ‘Chand Kapal’ has been released on YouTube. Vocalist Imran Mahmudul sang the song with the words of Snehashis Ghosh. He composed the song himself and composed the music by Tanmoy Mahbubul.

Hridoy Khan has acted in the song. The song is from the released short film ‘Bakul Mala’. The short film is basically a love story made in a rural context. In it, Asfia Ahi has acted opposite Hridoy Khan.

In this context, Hridoy Khan said, ‘The short film tells the story of the true love of a teacher and a young woman. I hope the audience will like it. ‘
‘Bakul Mala’ is written and directed by Saikat Reza. Produced by Secret Entertainment. The short film will be released on Secret Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

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