June 19, 2021


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The price of Suhana’s handbag is more than three lakhs

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri have three children. Aryan Khan, Suhana and Abram Khan. All three are very popular for the benefit of social media. A few days ago, Suhana crossed the 20th spring and set foot on the 21st. On that occasion, mother Gauri Khan greeted on Twitter. That is where the incident started.

Shah Rukh Khan posted the photo on Instagram on the occasion of his daughter Suhana Khan’s graduation

Gauri wrote, ‘Happy birthday Suhana. We love you today, we love you tomorrow, we will love you tomorrow. ‘ In this post, one of them wrote to Gauri, ‘Listen, I want to marry your daughter. I earn more than a lakh rupees. ‘

This post is viral. Others have seen the commenter with one hand. Everyone has commented one by one.

One of them posted a picture of Suhana and wrote, ‘I die laughing at my hobby! The brother hears that the bag of Dior you see in Suhana’s hand is worth more than three lakh rupees. There is also VAT and delivery charge. Your four months ‘salary will go to buy a bag for him.’ Another wrote, ‘Brother, I got courage to see you. You need to be rewarded for your bravery. ‘

Another jokingly wrote, ‘Look, Salman Khan’s bodyguard is looking for you to punish him. Be careful. ‘

On the other hand, Suhana could not help but comment. He simply wrote, ‘Apart from the cost of education, clothes, utilities, shopping, cars, all my expenses alone are a million rupees.’

Suhana is studying Film and Media Studies at New York University in the United States. There you are associated with a theater. Suhana appeared in a short film called ‘The Gray Part of Blue’. Soon the name will be written in the book of Bollywood.