June 20, 2021


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PSG won the Champions League silver arrow

Qatar Sports Investment has joined PSG with the dream of winning Europe. He left PSG in 2012 in his dream journey. Ibrahimovic, Lukas Maura, Marco Verratti, Ezekiel Lavezzi and David Beckham were brought together. Thiago Silva was called in to lead the defense with this constellation.

Among them, Marco Verratti still survives in PSG. Thiago Silva survived Veratti until last season. But before the end of last season, PSG informed Silva that they no longer needed him. The 35-year-old Silva has been unnecessarily blocked by the PSG on the way to reorganizing the squad to win Europe.

Silva gave a kind answer to PSG on Saturday. Chelsea have won the Champions League for the first time in their careers. He got angry with the old club after getting a taste of what he never got from PSG for eight seasons. After the 1-0 win over Manchester City, he said that the Parisian club has repeatedly made him a scapegoat for the failure of the Champions League.

Silva had to leave the field due to injury.

Silva had to leave the field due to injury.
Photo: Reuters

The French league could not end last season due to Corona. There was some uncertainty about whether there would be a Champions League or not. That’s when the PSG’s sports director decided it was time to remove the older players from the team. So striker Edinson Cavani and defender Silver did not try to extend the contract. Instead, the two were offered to play the rest of the Champions League, even if the contract expires in June.

Cavani did not agree, but Silva accepted the offer, showing dedication to the team. Silver’s great performance took PSG to the Champions League final for the first time. Then Tonak moved to the club. He was offered a new contract. But the humiliated Silva did not agree to the offer and signed a contract with Chelsea and left for the Premier League.

Silva ended his PSG career with the regret of not being able to win the Champions League.

Silva ended his PSG career with the regret of not being able to win the Champions League. 
AFP file picture

How right the decision was, it proved yesterday. Coach Thomas Tuchel, who took PSG to the final for the first time, also joined him in the middle of the season. Within a year of the two teams being forced to leave the PSG, they won the Champions League. He left the field with tears in his eyes in the first half of the match yesterday. At the end of 90 minutes he cried again. Tukhel hugged him and his tears were happy.

Couldn’t touch the elusive trophy for a bit last season. The club that gave him the best time of his career has insulted him by renewing his contract in this way. “It’s great,” Silva told RMC Sport at the end of the match. The most important moment of my career. I will never forget it. I am very happy. Winning this cup is a big deal. My injury? A lot of things came to mind. It was very difficult for me to get out of the match so long ago. But at this stage you can not be 80 percent (fit). However, I am happy that the team has kept a cool head and defended very well. We had a lot of trouble, but we did well. In the end, I got the reward for what I did. ‘

Silva was happy to win the Champions League by embracing Tukhel yesterday.

Silva was happy to win the Champions League by embracing Tukhel yesterday. 
Photo: Twitter

After that, he shook off the anger on PSG, ‘This is something special for me. Because, I was under a lot of pressure to win it (Champions League) at PSG. Whenever PSG was dropped, people would look for scapegoats and I would always be chosen. It’s too bad. ‘

Silver is 36 years old. But Chelsea have realized how important it is to retain such an experienced player. So the club did not think that the work was over after winning the Champions League. Work has already begun to extend the Silver Agreement.

Winners have to be generous. So even though he was angry, he did not forget to wish the former club well. Coming to Chelsea forgot his own imperfections. Now his former teammates want it too, ‘I hope Paris will win it in the future. Because, I have left a lot of friends there and I will always be red and blue (PSG color). ‘