June 20, 2021


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Let the students start their normal education with the vaccine

Health Minister Zahid Malek said the 1.5 crore coronavirus vaccine from China would be given to universities and medical students on a priority basis. We are giving to teachers. We want them to start their normal education with vaccines. One year of study has been disrupted.

He told reporters at the secretariat after the cabinet meeting on Monday noon.

The health minister said all university students, including medical students, would be vaccinated. We want all universities to start academic activities. Therefore, we will try to give priority to all the universities, public-private, students-teachers.

Zahid Malek said, “The advice from the Ministry of Health is to give our advice lockdown in all the districts where the infection of Kavid is on the rise.” So as not to spread across the country. In a country where Corona has grown, the economy has collapsed drastically. We don’t want the economy to suffer.

He said as discussed in the cabinet, the number of Kovid infections and deaths is increasing in the districts that are in the border area. I have informed the Prime Minister. He said the lockdown has been extended to June 6. He directed the Cabinet Secretary to take further steps in this regard. Says, to do more publicity.

Registration will start again as soon as the new vaccine arrives in the country. Pfizer’s vaccine will be given priority among registrants, he said.