June 20, 2021


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4 mass signatures in Islamic University on demand

In the first week of June, the students of the Islamic University (IU) held a mass signature program demanding the opening of residential halls and campuses and normalization of educational activities. They held the program at the main gate of the university from 11:30 am on Monday. Apart from this, the students also took part in the program by signing through the online form.

Other demands of the students are to take the postponed and stuck examinations of different academic years, to ensure the vaccination of the students under the supervision of the educational institution and to make special allocation in the national budget to compensate for the loss of education during the coronation period. 

Earlier, the students held a brief rally at the main gate. At that time, the students said, we are facing irreparable loss as the educational institution has been closed for a long time. If we don’t open the campus quickly, we will have to go through long sessions. We want the educational activities to be normalized by opening educational institutions quickly. We are still trying to attract the attention of the government through peaceful programs. If our demands are not met, we will be forced to go for a more stringent program.

It may be mentioned that the students submitted a memorandum to the university administration on May 29 demanding the same. Apart from this, they have been making demands through demonstrations, rallies and protest rallies.