June 20, 2021


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600 international artists boycott concerts in Israel

At least 232 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes, including more than 50 children. At least 13 people have been killed in rocket attacks by Hamas in Israel. Despite calls from various countries to stop the bloodshed, Israel did not respond. US President Joe Biden called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday to discuss ending the violence. However, Netanyahu announced that the attack would continue. Meanwhile, at least 700 international artists from around the world have signed a letter. It says they are rejecting Israel as an artist for its anti-humanitarian activities. They will not give any concert there.

Roger Waters, British music star, lyricist, Pink Floyd; Serge Tankian of the System of Down; Machine rage against; Famous stars like Run the Jewels have signed the letter. It reads, ‘We warmly invite you to sign this letter. By this you take a stand against the misdeeds of Israel in writing. Through this he agreed not to give a concert in Israel. Let the position of world music be in favor of justice, equality and dignity. Let everyone come forward to establish the fundamental rights of the Palestinians. They are living in the midst of deadly violence.

“We must break our collective silence against Israel’s war crimes,” the letter said. More than 245 innocent civilians were killed in their brutal attacks in Gaza. In this situation we are stunned. No one has the right to forcibly evict Palestinians. Let’s build resistance. Our goal is to ensure that the Palestinians regain their human rights, sovereignty and freedom.

In a recent attack, Israeli forces demolished a 12-storey building in Gaza. The building housed the offices of the news agency AP and the Qatar-based television channel Al-Jazeera. On the same day, Israel also attacked a refugee camp in western Gaza. It killed 10 members of a family. One five-month-old baby was seriously injured. This is happening almost every day.