June 18, 2021


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The hand of Santos to be ‘first’

Portugal coach Fernando Santos is a little different than the other coaches in the Euros this year. He knows the taste of the title, the rest don’t.

15 different coaches have won the previous 15 rounds of the Euro. You understand the glory of the opportunity of Santos! The title that no coach has won twice, he has the chance to be the first coach to win the title for the second time. Since there is no one to know how difficult that task is, how much strategy; At least Joachim Loew can be asked to guess the joke.

Louvre will step down from a 15-year stint in charge of Germany, breaking the record in this euro. Swedish coach Lars Lagerback has a record of being in the top four tournaments. In more than a decade, Louvre has won the most matches (18) and a record (11) in three Euros, but has never won a title. But in words, man is as big as his dream. If Luv wants to go beyond 60, he can continue to look for the Euro for another team with inspiration from Luis Aragonas.

That inspiration from Luis Aragonas won the Euros at the age of 69 years 338 days. Aragones is the oldest Euro-winning coach in the eyes of Kushilab and Vicente del Bosque, who started the golden age of Spanish football 13 years ago. The youngest Euro-winning coach is also from Spain.

Spain won the first major title at Euro 1984 with Jos ভ Villonga. Vialonga was then 44 years and 192 days old. He is still the youngest coach to win the Euros. Look at the fun, Soviet coach Konstantin Beskov, who lost to Vialonga in the final, is the youngest coach to reach the Euro final again (43 years 215 days).

Vialonga has more fame. He is also the youngest coach to win top tournaments in European club football, winning the Champions League for Real Madrid at the age of 36. There is also a coincidence. After Vialonga won his first major title as the youngest coach, Spain came in second with the hand of the oldest winning coach, Aragonas. And the time interval between that হিসেবে the youngest age to win the Euro Euro, 44 ​​years!

Although Spain is the youngest and oldest coach in the Euros, Germany’s position is different. The top four of the winning coaches are Germans in that nationality! One of them is the only coach in Euro history to have won the title against another team — Auto Rehgel. Rehagel was the coach of the unforgettable fairy tale that Greece created in the 2004 Portugal season.

Of course, there is no way to call him ‘unique’ among the Germans. Another German is the only one on another page of the Euro. Bertie Fots, who won the Euros in 1998 as the coach of the Bierhoff-Klinsmans, did not play in the 1982 Euros, but was in the German (then West Germany) team. Apart from Fortes, no other player or coach has tasted Euro victory.

When it comes to taste in Euros, there is talk of ‘champagne’. Michelle Hidalgo will also come. Hidalgore had no experience as head coach of any team before taking over as France coach in 1986. At that time, French football was going through bigger problems in big tournaments. France have not qualified for the main draw in the previous three editions of the Euros. Hidalgo didn’t even make it to the ’70s Euro. However, in the meantime, he has worked with Michel Platini, Jean Tigana, Louis Fernandez to increase the fragrance and vigor of French football. Despite playing in the semi-finals of the ’82 World Cup, France got the real result ‘at Euro ’84, in coach Hidalgo’s first continental championship fight.

In that fight, Hidalgo created a ‘magic square’ (four-man midfield) and won the first major title in France by spreading the fascination of ‘champagne’ football. In other words, Bajimat in the first Euro, as the head coach who had no experience before. Hidalgo is no more. He did not return to the country last year.